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Chapter 9

Jack was on the couch with his yellow bird, as usual was watching a movie on the T.V. It was about two siblings that had to move in with a legal guardian after their parents died in a car crash… where the breaks were not working. He got up and went to the kitchen to get himself snacks as Jack was feeling like it tonight from what happened today. he got himself chips and chocolate. Jack then sat on the couch and relaxed.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Jack woke up when his front door started to pound faster and faster, BANG! The door flew open and a figure slipped in with a knife heading right towards Jack. IT ran at Jack, Jack moved away and IT ended up jumping out the window breaking the glass, He looked over to see where IT went. IT WAS GONE.

Jack did a quick fix on his window with cardboard and duct tape. ‘How did IT disappear so quickly?’ Jack thought.


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