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Chapter 2

The detective asked Jack how He found The Body, Jack replied that ‘I was doing a check up and found Him in their. Dead.’ ‘Well Mr rogers, This teenagers face was cut off, I wont even tell you what else we found on his um, Face.’ The Detective replied spooked. Jack then walked back to his Office and sat their not knowing why anybody would do that. It was Horrible.

He started walking around The mall and saw a teenager shoplifting a candy bar, He let it go as He did not really care that much. He checked The bathrooms and their was nothing out of the ordinary in their. Jack then walked through the mall, going past crowds of people until He saw something strange, A person wearing a weird yet horrifying looking mask, It was a grey mask, with black smudges around the eye holes and red smudges around the mouth hole In the shape of a smile. Jack tried walking over to the person but was stopped by a crowd of people in His way as The person got away.

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