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Chapter 3

Jack was checking the security recordings of the night before recordings, he sped Through until He saw IT, The same person before wearing That mask, it was dragging a body, The teenagers body, The Thing then grabbed out an army knife and started cutting of its face, and proceeded by putting it inside a zip-lock bag. Jack Had seen enough and reported it to the FBI.

Jack was In the corridors of the Mall, It was 7.56 AM in the morning. Something stunk coming out of the Janitors closet, Jack proceeded to walk in slowly just in case there was a deadly threat. The room was dark… There was a weird creaking noise moving around slowly with the sounds of drips hitting the tiled floor. He turned on The lights, To His horror A corpse drenched in blood was hanging from the ceiling from a pole with dark red rope. Jack picked up his walkie talkie and got another guard to alert the Authorities.

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