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Chapter 4

‘Jack what The Hell is happening at this Mall, There have been two murders already, don’t you think that’s a little strange and a bit you know off considering This stuff never happens?’ Clarice asked Jack out of desperation and dread. ‘I know Clarice, But again It’s none of My business to know what the goal of this is, Any of This. I just get paid to look after the mall. I still get goosebumps from The first murder, Please… Just let it be Clarice.’ Jack replied in a slow monotone voice, still haunted.

Later in the day two FBI agents interviewed Jack about what he witnessed when He saw the 2 Corpses. ‘Well Mr Jack Mathews we know that you are still a bit freaked out from what you discovered but please tell us what else you saw.’ The old FBI agent asked Jack In a robotic, flat tone. ’Well Mr Myers, I saw a teenager without His face in the dumpster with flies and maggots all over the poor soul. And with The body we found… I found in the Janitors closet, His name was Jeremy, A former worker at this establishment, The odd thing is though, He could not have killed himself, There was no way of him jumping to his death and also we couldn’t find the knife he got slit in The neck with Agent Myers. Jack replied that he knew of it in a croaky tone. The 2 FBI agents left Thanking Jack for his time and left.

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