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Chapter 5

Jack drove into the underground parking of his Apartment complex and parked His car in the space he paid for each month. He was a Single man who had a Pet bird, Jack was not very good with knowing what bird it was but He knew it was a special one… To him at least. He jumped out of his car and walked over to the doors that needed a key to be opened within hours, It was currently 1.43 AM in the morning. He had a long day today. Jack got onto the rusty old elevator that creaked its way up to the 7th floor, When he stepped out the elevator there was a weird brown stain that was always in the middle of the hallway, It was gross and must have been older than Him. Jack was only 28 with a stable job as a guard, He only got paid 28 dollars an hour but he was happy with it. He walked over to apartment 127, and opened his door with a rusty key he first got from the landlord, The landlord was an asshole who didn’t get anything fixed, His heater wasn’t working a couple nights ago, He asked the landlord if He could get a guy in. ‘Another cold night in winter again’ Jack muttered to himself annoyed and knowing that he is gonna be cold again. He then proceeded to close the door behind Him.

Clarice was sitting on the couch at home with Her Cat, She called her cat Kitty as it was a stray and it was a great friend when she was alone having a smoke late at night outside on the porch. Clarice got up to make herself a tea, She liked black tea, It soothed in her throat. There was a tap on Her kitchen window. She looked at the window and a white face vanished… Clarice freaked out and pulled the gun out of her top kitchen cabinet, she held onto the gun getting ready to shoot anything that got in her way. There was a knock at the door, Clarice glared at the front door pointing her gun until a Letter slid under the door. She slowly walked over to the door hardly making any step noises. Clarice slowly grabbed the letter and walked over to the bathroom and locked herself inside. She opened the letter while sitting on the closed lid of the toilet, There was a weird letter inside, It was written in what appeared to be crayon, It read out.


Chills went through Clarice’s body, She looked at her arms and legs. They were full of goosebumps.

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