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Chapter 6

‘Get out of here and never come back!’ Jack yelled at teenagers that were trying to shoplift shoes from the back of a shoe store. The teenagers ran off yelling swears to Jack. ‘Stupid assholes’ Jack muttered under his breath. Clarice then walked over to Jack shaken up. ‘Hey Clarice, are you okay you look a bit you know… spooked.’ Jack asked with a concerned tone. ‘Yeah im fine other than the fact that those people with the weird masks know where i Bloody live…’ Clarice replied spooked from the experience from last night. ‘The people from the tape? how?’ Jack freaked out a little too now. ‘Lets just hope todays better, okay?’ Clarice said to Jack before walking off inside the mall to the office.

Jack was doing his usal checkups around the mall until he saw IT again, He walked over to it slowly until It spun around and looked at Jack through the holes from the mask staring with its dead eyes. IT proceeded to grabout a knife… a Butterfly knife and stabbed Jack in the leg with it and twisted the knife and released it Before IT ran off. Jack fell to the ground holding preasure to his leg trying not to grab attention. He then grabbed His walkie talkie and got clarice on the line. ‘Clarice IT went onto floor 2 near the arcades GO!’ Jack spoke softly into the walkie talkie grunting from the pain from the stab.

Clarice fast walked to the arcades It was full of people, She looked around while walking through the arcade until she spotted IT, Clarice ran over to IT with her gun and pointed at IT. she knew it was fine to do that as there wasn’t anyone there to accidentally shoot. IT saw her and grabbed the nearest person, a child… IT pointed the knife to the child’s head and slowly backed out the employees hall. Clarice went after IT to try and save the child. She made it into the Halls and found IT still having the child as a hostage, ‘I don’t know what you want but please just let the kid go… please.’ Clarice yelled over in desperation. IT looked over at the exit behind IT and looked back at her then the child. ‘No’ IT replied back in a sinister whisper and proceeded to stab the child in the neck three times and ran out the facility. ‘Shit! oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck!’ Clarice yelled out running over to the child. The child died right on the spot blood oozing out its mouth and neck.

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