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Chapter 7

‘What the fuck is happing here?!’ The disappointed Boss asked Jack who was wrapped up in bandages on his leg, and Clarice who was just shaken up from today’s innocent. ‘We don’t know…’ Jack replied back in a soft scared tone. ‘I want to quit’ Clarice replied to her Boss. ‘why…’ He replied in a selfish tone. ‘Are you fucking retarded Richard, seriously Fuck off im out of here, Im done with this Job. Try find a new guard now you dumb fuck.’ Clarice then walked out the office with her belongings and kicked a potted plant over as it made a big smash. ‘What about you Jack? are you gonna be a bitch about it too?’ The boss asked Jack in an annoyed tone. ‘No Richards, I’m gonna go onto my shift now’ Jack replied spooked. He ten walked out of the office to go see clarice.

Clarice was having a smoke in her car in the back seat crying from what she witnessed today a few hours prior, Jack then came and tapped on the window. ‘Hey Clare are you okay?’ Jack asked in concern after she yelled at Richards. ‘Yeah im fine, Just having a fag, Im done with this job. I’m sick of it.’ Clarice responded back in a slow monotone voice. ‘I respect your decision, I just can’t quit, I’ve got taxes and shit to pay you know.’ Jack replied in a calm tone. Clarice then got out of the car, hugged Jack goodbye and drove off back home.

Jack was at his apartment complex watching a horror movie, It was about a masked man that killed people with no intention. Jack turned the tv off and was about to go to bed when there was a knock at the door… bang! bang! bang!

‘who is it?!’ Jack asked over worried who was knocking at this time of night. ‘we are just investigators’ They replied back. ‘Do you have warrants?’ Jack asked as he went to the peephole of his front door. ‘Yeah here’ The investigators replied once again. ‘Okay. come in.’ Jack replied back now knowing they were not thugs or anything like that. The two investigators walked in thanking Jack for his time, at this time of night really and they sat down in the lounge room. ‘Okay Jack so do you know anyone by the name Clarice?’ The investigators asked softly. Jacobs’ heart sank. ‘Yeah she was one of my co workers, she was a friend. Why?’ Jacob asked now concerned. ‘well… Tonight there was a “accident” . Unfortunately she died in a car crash.’ The male investigator replied. ‘In what sort of way?’ Jack asked, heart broken. ‘well… we think that her car breaks must have been tampered with…’ The male investigator replied back. ‘and why do you think that?’ Jack asked now filled with dread. ‘we saw on the security cameras at the mall that someone in a “white mask” that went under the car and tampered that we might think must have been the breaks.’ The male investigator replied with no emotion. Jack folded his arms around his face. ‘We also found a note, It was in her wallet, it said WE KNOW YOU WEREN’T THERE TO SAVE HER. maybe it had to do with today’s incident?’ The investigator said. ‘Please get out of my apartment, Thank you for telling me though, But please leave.’ Jack told them as he was filled with emptiness and dread. They left and told Jack to have a good night. Jack was upset.

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