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Chapter 8

They stood in the rain as they dropped the casket into the 6ft hole, people were crying all around Jack, he just stood staring as The casket slowly went into the dark damp hole.

‘Hello are you jack?’ A female voice was heard behind Jack. He turned around, Jack was pretty sure it was Clarice’s mother. ‘Yes I am.’ Jack replied in a soft tone. ‘I was Clarice’s mother, I just want to say that I know the dread you feel, I feel it too… But it’s okay she is in a better place now.’ Clarice’s mother said to Jack then giving him a tight hug, She then walked off. Jack was gonna find out who The masked person was, To stop these string of murders happening again.

Jack was in front of the monitors again in the office, It wasn’t his shift but He needed to know when and where they came from. until he saw IT on the camera, in the Employees hall again. ‘That son of a bitch, I’m gonna catch you now bitch.’ Jack walked out the office with proper gear this time to not screw up this time.

Jack ran into the Hallway and drew his Taser out, He saw IT. He ran over slowly until IT turned over in confusion and got tased to the ground, stund. Jack punched IT in the face. ‘WHO ARE YOU! WHAT DO YOU WANT MONSTER!’ Jack yelled furious. and as he was about to take off the ITS mask it punched Jack in the face and kicked him too and ran off. Jack got up and chased after IT with his gun out. He heard a door open and close, It was the storage facility in the mall. ‘Gotcha’ Jack whispered with his gun drawn to the door walking over to it slowly. He opened the door slowly and heard some boxes straight ahead fall off some shelfs. He then locked the door with a lock that way IT wouldn’t escape. Jack walked over trying to not make any noise, until he heard a breath on his neck behind him, He ran. to the office with a big glass window to hide. Jack ran in and locked the door behind him. He turned off the power to the lights in the facility and the office lights too to make sure they could get lost and hopefully knock into more stuff to make more noise. He saw eyes glaring at him from the other side of the glass. IT proceeded to run to the door and started violently trying to bring it down. ‘Oh shit.’ Jack spat out. He drew his gun to the door and started shooting, Jack heard someone yell from one of the shots. He went up to the door to investigate and turned on the lights. There was a blood trail heading towards the other exit of the facility. Jack ran over the trail hoping to find IT. The trail led all the way to the toy store. ‘Have you seen someone with a white mask and hoodie, black?’ Jack asked the employee at the front of the store. ‘yes he went into the electronics section, do you want me to get security?’ The employee replied in a rush. ‘Yes, try not to make the shoppers alarmed.’ Jack replied in an instant, He proceeded to run to the electronics section following the fading blood trails that led to the storage unit. Jack slowly walked into the storage unit. IT climbed through the window… it was gone, He could tell because the blood trail ended at the window scraping on the glass.

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