the wish i wish i never made

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night 1

i was sitting in my room staring at my window thinking about how many people have had there wishes come true. ive never had any of mine come true its always been a mystery to me. well im probably just tired im gonna sleep on it. maybe then in the morning all my dreams will come true.

2 hours later

ahhhh what is that noise. I get up to check on my sister and she is dead in the Livingroom. I go up to her and see not even a scratch. I try to think of what could've happened. I immediately go to get my parents but they are not in there. I see a figure and it rushes toward me. I run away but it is way faster and smarter than me. I feel it rush into me and all I can feel is pain. I fall on the ground shivering. I wake up on my bed. I run into my sisters room and she is fine. and so are my parents. what the hell. I could have sworn they were just dead

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