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Lost On Halloween Night

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This Story Is a about a girl name Layla she got lost after following a cat in her neighborhood will she be able to get back home safe?

Horror / Children
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Chapter 1

"COME ONNNNN SISSY" said Kayla. Ok, Ok, I am coming, you need to be more patient. "FINEEEE" she said. Alright, mom is trusting me with keeping up with you for tonight, so no running off, ok? "ALRIGHT JUST HURRY UP WE WILL BE LATE TO GETTING CANDY." ALRIGHT, I am coming.

"YAYYYYY WE ARE HERE" ok make sure to go from house to house ok? "OKKKKKKK SILLY." I also had my older brother there with me, well not fully with me he was at a party down the street, I told my little sister to go there when she is finished trick-or-treating.
I left and went on a walk because I didn't go candy hunting. I was walking down the sidewalk until i stumbled upon this scrawny cat that kept meowing at me, i followed him until I realized I was not in the neighborhood anymore.
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