Mrs Scary Mary

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Woohoo there’s a sleepover at Anna’s house . But what she has planned for her friends ? She doesn’t know ! She needs to plan something very quickly . She tries to see some fun things in google and she all the searched fun games was of a wee little baby . So she needs to do everything on her own . Now she goes on a trip with his father to the supermarket and buys some stuff and while coming home she sees the haunted house that is said to be haunted by Mrs Mary who is the owner of the house . Mrs Mary died 5 years ago but people say that they see a ghost of a lady when they enter the house or the backyard of the house . Now their plan is after fun snacks and their favourite movies they’re going to go to Mrs Mary’s house . Read to find out what happens with them .

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1 - A Fun Sleepover

Anna called her friends Emily , Irene , Jessica , Blake and Stacie for a Sleepover party ! She needed to plan fun and enjoying things for her sleepover tonight . It was already 4:00 pm , she needs to hurry up . She has to find something . She got an idea to search google for awesome fun games . She searched and read the options loud with giving them feedback “ Hide “n” Seek , that’s too childish . Pin the tail on the donkey , to boring . Tag ? Definitely not ! Imagine ? Umm no . “ she read theses out with giving them feedback. “ watch a movie ? “ an idea popped up in her mind . She asked her dad to go with her to the supermarket. While coming back from the market , she saw Mrs Mary’s haunted house . Mrs Mary was called Mrs Scary Mary cause people who go in her house or in her house backyard never come back . Anna got awesome idea , she decided that she and her friends are going to go to the haunted house at 3:00 am . The time finally came . Irene , Emily , Jessica , Blake and Stacie we’re here . Everyone agreed to go to the haunted house except Stacie she said “ Girls are we crazy ! No one has ever escaped her house or even her backyard !!!!! “ . “Stace Relax , some one needs to be the first one ! “ said Irene . “ yes girl relax and it will be fun . “ said Jessica . “ What if we die ? “ asked Stacie . “ I promise we won’t die . “ said Anna . “ Ok . “ says Stacie . “ If we’re done talking here , LETS GO ! “ said Blake . “ yeah yeah “ said Emily .
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