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Family reunion

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A family reunion turns scary can they make it out alive?

Horror / Thriller
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Trees passed as the car moved forward. My family was headed to the campground for a family reunion. Arriving at the camp holding our bags we headed to an area where the rest of our family members had already set up.

Aunt Sue gave me a hug.

“ How are you Ellen? “

“ I am Pretty good, starting my college semester in september. “

“ How is Uncle Steve?”

“Doing Good, decided to stay at home with the dogs for this trip, Family gatherings are not for him.”

The evening finished with Grilled hot dogs and bonfires.

I woke up at 12am, put my shoes on and walked to the bathrooms.

Hearing a rustling behind me walking back to the cabin. Looking that way I saw an outline of a female that was dirty with torn holes in her white tank top holding a large knife.

Heart pounding in my chest, running back to our cabin.

Out of breath hands shaking locking the cabin door.

Placing the megaphone up to my mouth. We had.

“ Everyone needs to wake up. Now there is a female in the woods with a knife. “

Our whole family came to the front room by the door I was standing in a middle of seconds.

My relatives fired off questions that I couldn’t answer.

Once everyone calmed down.

Asking the group in front of me

“ Does anyone know what that person was doing?”

Not anyone answered.

Everyone pulled out their phones and started googling.

We found out that this campground had no name, because the name was erased by the police. In the police report we found that this campground had male that would take women and murder them in the forest. None of the women had ever been found.

The woman I saw was actually the male killer dressed up in the women’s clothes from the women he murdered.

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