Family reunion

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We heard a pounding at the door.

All at once My family said to me,

“ How are we going to leave tonight?

A pounding continued as the blade of the knife the killer had made an appearance in the door.

“ I don’t think we are going to leave tonight,

Our best bet is to make a plan. “

As we started a scream was heard from down the hallway.

Aunt Sue had found a fresh female kill in the hallway closet.

We had been staying in the killer’s cabin.

The plan we came up with was someone would watch the door and we took shifts sleeping throughout the night.

At about 8 am we made breakfast outside on the Weber charcoal grill.

Everyone went fishing on the Lake after.

We headed back after a long day of fishing.

Nothing was out of place when we arrived as a big group. The cabin door was still locked too.

That evening we had an enjoyable evening and we had a quiet cabin.

We took shifts again and someone stayed awake to watch the door while others slept.

“ We had a pleasant evening last night, let’s get back to our next plan to evacuate the premises. “

Everyone agreed and was on board with this.

Start packing up was our first step of the plan

We separately loaded each car with our duffle bags. Leaving 2-weber grills and tables outside our cabin.

The second part of our plan was in action. To draw attention

We acted normal outside our cabin. Grilling hot dogs , having coca-cola talking over family memories.

The 3rd part of our plan was next to make a memory that would be burned into our memories.

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