Sleepless Nights

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A collection of horror stories to read before sleeo lmao

Horror / Fantasy
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Never ignore Mr. Rogers

I went up to Mr Rogers with the determination to ask him something and I knew that he wanted to be in silence while reading the newspaper, but I needed him to show me something. I wanted to ask Mr Rogers how to ignore someone who is being abducted. You see a couple of weeks ago I saw someone being abducted and I really wanted to ignore the abduction but I couldn’t. It has affected me and now I have come to Mr Rogers to show me how to ignore someone who is being abducted. Mr Rogers put his newspaper down and took me to a place where people get abducted all the time. As we both saw someone getting abducted he told me to concentrate on the ducks in the pond. I observed the ducks just being themselves and flapping their wings while surrounding the female duck till it couldn’t escape and I didn’t notice the abduction at all.

Then another time I wanted to ask Mr Rogers on how to ignore someone who is committing suicide. A couple of days ago I saw a man about to jump off a bridge and I wanted to ignore it and just walk on but I couldn’t ignore it and it was in my mind ever since. I wish I knew how to ignore someone who is on the road to committing suicide and it is harder than it sounds. It takes a lot of guts to just ignore the suffering and so when I had disturbed Mr Roger once more he took me to a place where suicide happens all the time. He told me to stare at a wall and told me to observe how patient the wall is and how the wall is so good and perfect. Also the wall doesn’t care about what others think of it. As I was staring at a wall I didn’t care about what was going in the background like the shot gun sounds or when chairs were being flipped over when someone is hanging themselves.

Then I went up to Mr Rogers one last time as I wanted to ask him how to ignore someone who is being murdered. You see I saw someone being murdered and I really wanted to ignore it but I couldn’t. I then kept on asking Mr Rogers to show me how to ignore someone who is being murdered or about to be murdered, but he wasn’t paying me any attention at all but he was just staring at the newspaper reading things that he has already read before? Then I realised that he was ignoring me now and that I was being shown how to ignore someone who is going to be murdered, because I was going to be murdered. Mr Rogers was ignoring me so well and then I could hear growling noises inside the house and Mr Rogers is ignoring it all by just staring at the newspaper.

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