Always together

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Author's note

If you are thinking that this story was similar to the movie Alone (2015), then I will lay down the differences between the two.

1. There is no love triangle or any love interest mentioned in this story.
2. The Protagonist kills her twin because she is jealous of her because the guy likes her sister and not her.
3. In this story the protagonist kills her twin because of how she treats her. She does not like being neglected or made fun of. She kills her because she didn't keep her promise. The detailed version is in her long speech.
4. In the movie, the ghost kills her twin for revenge and then goes back to heaven.
5. In this story too, the ghost kills her twin, but not for revenge. She wants to repair their relationship and fix her past mistakes. She wants to keep her promise of being 'always together'.
6. In the movie the girl does wants her sister to stay away from her live. In this story, the girl wants her sister to return as a spirit because of her fascination of ghosts and because she somewhat misses her.
7. If you can point out any more differences then comment it.
8. Conclusion: This story is neither copied nor inspired by the movie Alone (2015). There are many movies and books featuring twin sisters.
9. This chapter was totally unnecessary and a waste of your and my time.
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