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[Story Test Excerpt] From eighteen to thirteen, each number drops down a single digit. There's no avoiding a countdown; it's inevitable to watch the numbers dwindle, becoming lesser than its previous sum. The numbers become heavier when labeling the people tagged with them and these people are dwindling one by one, just like numbers do. If your number is next, take cover.

Horror / Thriller
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Test Excerpt

As I was looking at his number, one of the other girls spoke up. I turned to see it was the girl with the number fourteen. “This may be late to ask, but ...does anyone remember anything? I don’t even remember my name.”

We all stood in silence and thought for a moment. Our names ...we don’t even know our own names. Who am I without a name?

“I don’t remember anything either …” The girl with the number fifteen said.

“So what are we supposed to call ourselves then?” The angry red head piped up again.

Silence fell over all of us once more as we thought. Should we simply rename ourselves or just refer to each other as ‘he’ and ‘she?’ Or do we just not refer to each other at all? I wouldn’t mind ignoring that red head; he seems over the top aggressive…

“I guess,” the black haired guy spoke up. “I guess we can just call each other by our numbers?” he suggested.

The guy with the redhead laughed and shook his head. “Are you stupid? What kind of solution even is that?”

Black haired guy shrugged, “It’s the only thing that makes sense and the only identification we have of each other. So,” He glanced down to his own arm where his branded number was. “I’ll be Seventeen, I guess. You’ll be Eighteen,” he gestured to the red head, now named Eighteen. He pointed to each of us and named us after our numbers. “You’ll be Sixteen, you’re Fifteen,” he approached the guy with the number fourteen who I was standing next to. “You’re Fourteen, and you,” he pointed at me, “are Thirteen. Does that work for everyone?”

Everyone gave a small nod, not objecting to the suggestion. So ...I’m Thirteen? I glanced up to the guy next to me, Fourteen, to see if he had anything to say on the matter. He didn’t seem to react at all, really; his eyes were glued to the ground and he fiddled his fingers as if it were something to keep his mind busy. I could barely see his eyes, but I could see some sort of uneasiness in them. Anxiety, maybe? Or fear?

“Hey,” I spoke quietly to him. He glanced at me. “Are you okay?”

He only shook his head in response and dropped his eyes back to the ground. I looked to his hands that were still twiddling and I could see his hands slightly shaking a bit. He must’ve been scared; I was scared too, especially being in this foreign situation we mysteriously got trapped in.

Without thinking, I slowly reached my left hand out to his hands. I placed my hand on top of his. He suddenly stopped fidgeting his hands but I could still feel them trembling in fear. I could feel him glance up at me so I glanced at him. I could see slight confusion in his eyes, but I could also see a sense of comfort in them as well. I gave him a soft grin as a way to try and comfort him.

In reality, I was just as terrified as he was.

I think I was trying to calm myself, too.

Seventeen clapped his hands, making Fourteen and I jump. “Alright, let’s try to figure out where we are and why we’re here.”

Sixteen scrunched her face in confusion and strolled over to Seventeen. “How are we supposed to do that? Do you see where we are right now? There’s basically no way out of here.” Sixteen gestured to the room around us which I began to take in. It was another room with blank walls and floors. The floor and walls were painted in a matte black yet the room was lit up by white fluorescent lights. The only doorways visible were the doors we all came in from from those white, empty rooms. “We’re literally trapped in here.” Sixteen piped up again.

“It doesn’t hurt to at least look, though.” Seventeen mumbled.

Suddenly we heard a faint humming sound. Sixteen and Seventeen looked below them to see six boxes lifting from the ground. Seventeen stepped back and pulled Sixteen away from the place they stood. All six boxes in the ground lifted into platforms that all had small cups on them along with little pieces of paper. When the platforms fully lifted from the ground, all six of us cautiously walked over to the platforms to observe these foreign objects.

Upon closer examination, the cups all had a liquid in them; it was clear like water yet it had bubbles in it like soda would. There was also a small piece of paper that, upon further investigation, seemed to be notes of some kind. I lifted the cup and note and read it for myself. I could see out of the corner of my eye that everyone else was doing the same.

If you’re reading this, you’ve woken up from your slumber.

You’ve been selected to take part in events that will force you to face the things you fear most; the things that quite literally terrifies people to death.

Each member will face off in their own fear game. If you make it out of your fear game alive, you will make it to the end and be free to escape. All fear games are adjusted to reflect the fear each individual’s deathly fear.

Good luck.

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