the forbidden island

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a story about 4 teens going for a boat ride for fun because its summer and they get stranded on a forbidden island and weird and horrible things happen

Horror / Thriller
McKayla Best
3.5 2 reviews
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Chapter 1: the boat

it's summer 2021 and I finally get to use my boat for the first time in years, I am thinking about taking my friends and me for a little boat ride on Sunday. I have to fix the boat up a bit before we get on the water, so it doesn't break down in the middle of the ocean while were in it. my boat fits 4 people so I will be taking john, linsey, joe, and obviously myself. it is finally Sunday and I have to get the boat to the beach and get everything in the boat, packing snacks, extra clothing just in case, water, towels, and life jackets. I text my group to head over because I am all ready to get on the water before dark. everyone is here and everything is ready in the boat, we get in and start the boat and were off. my stomach starts to growl, I get some food and eat it, I am not hungry anymore so I put the food back. the boat starts to run out of gas but there is a big island up ahead, I start to turn the boat heading to the island. the boat dies. "great not were stuck in the middle of nowhere joe says" I go in my bag and hand out the life jackets, "here" I say "put it on" we get out of the boat and start to swim to the island, its not that far from the boat. we get to the island and look at the island, "this is creepy" Lindsey says we start to explore the island, there's a cave, and it starting to get dark, we head into the cave and find a place to stay. we put all out stuff down and start to get comfortable we fall asleep.
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