the forbidden island

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chapter two: the cave

It’s morning and it’s bright and sunny out everyone else is still sleeping, I start to explore the cave. when I start to walk I see human remains I scream “AHH” everyone wakes up to an echo of my scream, I start running out of the cave, everyone jumps and walks out of the cave they ask if I’m ok I say “I’m fine”. everyone wakes up but can’t find their things all our stuff is gone we have been robbed, “I didn’t think there was anyone here ” john says. we start to head out and explore more and we come across a sign that says “danger electric eels" but we ignored it and kept walking, "we've been walking for hours" we all complain, as we're walking we hear something in the bushes, pops out is just a little frog. we need to find somewhere to stay for the night so we can try to find our boat in the morning because there might be someone that can help us so we can head back home, it's like we've been going in circles over and over again. we find a really big tree and chose to stay there for the night, so we can have more energy for the next day. we are trying to fall asleep but it's freezing cold we have n blankets, food, water, extra clothing, nothing we have nothing but each other. the others find a way to fall asleep but I'm just laying there thinking to myself "will we be stuck here forever" " does anyone even realize we're not there" I got so confused so I tried to fall asleep, I was still too cold but I tried to not think about it and to just close my eyes and get some rest.

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