the forbidden island

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chapter 3: 3 days

I wake up and it's still pretty dark, I wake the others up so we can get an early start and try to find the water so we can wash because it's been 3 days on this island, and we're starting to stink and get thirsty. everyone wakes up, we're heading out of the tree and we start to walk to the little hole we saw yesterday, we have been walking for hours and we can't seem to find the hole, so we walk and walk until we see the sign that we saw yesterday, we keep walking for a little and finally find the hole with the water. Joe jumps in and starts to wash himself, he feels a sting, "what was that" joe says, he suddenly gets pulled under the water, Lindsey grabs his hand to try and pull him up but she loses grip. were all waiting to see if he'll pop back up, we see a head floating up to the surface john picks it up, john yells "ITS JOES HEAD" we start to wonder what happened to him did some sort of creature kill him or something, we start to calm down to what just happened and to try not to think about it, we head to the beach what we see now in the water will scare us forever, joes body floating on the surface of the water next to our boat, we swim out to the boat and joes body to try and bring them back to the sand. were all freaking out of what is in the water but hopefully, we don't have to go back in the water at all. it's starting to get dark but we're all too tired and freaked out to move, so we just fall asleep on the beach.

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