the forbidden island

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chapter 4: the people

when I wake up I see that Lindsey is not laying where she was last night I start to yell "LINDSEY" but still nothing john wakes up to my yelling, john says "why are you yelling" I start to explain that Lindsey is not laying where she was before, we both hear music and see torches, we stand up and start walking to the light, I say "get down" to john, we both see Lindsey tied to a tree with her eyes closed, it's like something about her didn't seem right, I throw a stone by her and she opens her eyes, all I see is fear in her eyes, I head out of the bushes and try to get to her without being caught by the people who kidnaped Lindsey, then I see three men caring joes body and they throw it into the fire they have started. I finish cutting the rope that Lindsey is tied to, she jumps off the tree into my hands, we sneakily head into the bushes and watch the tree men and see a whole bunch of weapons made out of wood and stone. we start to head back to the boat and see what happened to it and see if we can still use it to get back home, but as we get the boat we hear yelling the men saw that Lindsey wasn't on the tree tied up, we hide in a large tree and we huddle together and try to be as quiet as we can we fell asleep. an hour later, I wake up to rope being tied on my wrist, feet and waist, i was stuck to a tree with wood under me i open my eyes a little more and look infront of me, lindsey and john where the same.

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