the forbidden island

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chapter 5: escape

I see the men walk up to john and they grab a torch and light the wood under john making everything under him in flames, as the fire grows Lindsey is trying to escape. the men walk away to do something else, I have a rock beside me, I grab it and start sawing at the rope "I'm free" I say quietly, I go up to Lindsey and cut her out we both look at john while he is slowly burning to death, I run to the water and grab the wooden bucket and fill it with water to try and help john when I get back with the water I throw it on the fire but john says "save yourself go, I'm already dying there is no point of saving me, the men have gasoline by your boat they were going to use ur boat to go somewhere else, go they will be coming back soon" Lindsey and I run to the boat and put all the gasoline in it so we can get back home, I run back to john and tell him "thank you" as the madmen come back then see that Lindsey and I were not on the trees tied up, they see us, we start running as fast as we could we start the boat and start heading home as the men throw a torch at us as we dodge it. as were heading home we get lost and we don't know where we were, then I remembered the orange tree we passed by when we went for the boat ride, I yell " over there the orange tree is where home is we head to the orange tree. hours later, I finally see a place I recognize, "over there, we'll be home soon" i say "finally " says Lindsey.

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