the forbidden island

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chapter 6: home sweet home

were still in the water on the boat heading home, it's like an hour or so until we actually get to our home but I'm just so happy that I'm almost home, I'm sad because I've lost two of my best friends by going to a stupid island when our boat died, but home is the only thing I'm thinking about right now. as we head up to the doc at my father's home, I quickly get out of the boat and help Lindsey out I run up to my father and give him a big hug after I hug my dad, I get in my car take Lindsey with me and go to the police station and tell them everything that happened to us as soon as I finished they said to me that the island was forbidden to go to and to not ever go there again I said "ok" I drive Lindsey home and then I go home when I get home my dad asks where my other friends went I said "dad they are dead" he asks"why" then I decide to tell him everything that happened. after I told my dad everything I went to shower and eat then go to sleep because I was tired.

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