Make It Stop

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Short scary stories to send chills through your blood, shivers up your spine and keep your eyes wider in the darkness~ Not recommended for young readers, or for those who are easily disturbed by strong violence and horror~~ Enjoy.

Horror / Thriller
Cheshire Celeste
Age Rating:

Author's Notes

Welcome to Make It Stop. There are some things you should know about this book before you begin reading.

Firstly, these are all short, scary stories narrated by curious characters I've come across during my storytelling. You may recognise their stories from other books; in particular, OminouCity, where several of these narrators are featured. Usually, I am the one and only narrator of such tales of dread, but the way these characters describe their experiences in this circumstance is very unique to them, and something I don't feel the need to write for them.

Secondly, there is a need for some kind of mature audience, as you will be faced with twisted darkness and descriptions of violence. So, if you are looking for tales to thrill and boost your adrenaline and awareness... well, you’re welcome.

So, turn down the lights. Prepare yourself. And enjoy.


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