Make It Stop

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Short scary stories to send chills through your blood, shivers up your spine and keep your eyes wider in the darkness~ Not recommended for young readers, or for those who are easily disturbed by strong violence and horror~~ Enjoy.

Horror / Thriller
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【𝔄uthors 𝔑otes】

Welcome to Make It Stop.

There are a few things you should know about this book before you begin reading.

Firstly, these are all short, scary stories by myself. They are purely fictional, and not based on real life events. They could be thou-

Ones that are submitted by mentioned users and based on their scary happenings will be made clear before the tale.

Secondly, there will be a need for mature audiences. Some parts contain strong, graphic violence and other disturbing descriptions. So, if you are looking for tales to thrill and boost your adrenaline and awareness... well, you’re welcome.

If you want to submit your own experience of a scary event, please do so by messaging me on my wall at my profile page, and not as a comment on the book. I accept prompts too.

So, turn down the lights. Prepare yourself. And enjoy.

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