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The paranormal and news reports team. if you don't know world deeply you don't know the ghost, this story is love and revenge with ghost, ghost is a man who want money but they cross the line of humanity and distroyed the god's creation rule, every life in earth have a character who played that doesn't matter that humans or animals, everyone have a work to do if they 🐝 bee or giraffe they have life cycle but if distroy life cycle so danger are come very fastest Speed and world is not for living so what happened in that time, because everyone has love but it became betrayal so it's very dangerous. Iam a newsreporter who want to save a flop news channel. So iam meet with real ghosts for just newsreporting but this making changes in my life with deadly fear. Live ghost, vampires, wolfs, unknown deadly creatures, paranormal activity. This all ghostly shit make me high goosebump, love with ghost is great by my side. I love with ghost who want revenge with a gangleader businessmen with reputation but under night he convert into vampire. I want to be with ghost lover but safely and beware of vampire businessmen. Horror, paranormal, disaster in one novel.

Horror / Thriller
Aaryan vansh
Age Rating:

It start

Sunny in ghost railway station alone at 2.45 am, sunny has paranormal gadgets and sunny waiting train but in this train is different.

Sunny so excited and angry "I don't know fix time of this fucking train but I try my best, because I want this groups of fucking dead and I prove that the ghost existing in this
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