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Chapter 1 - You and Emily go to Celly's home. - Your discovery in TV that Celly is missing. - Objectives: You must found 5 🔑 to unlock every room and found a note. Then, unlock the safe and escape.

Horror / Mystery
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Missing Chapter 2 ( Celly's room )

You and Emily decided to check out Celly's room. You found a note that was written by an unknown, it says "Celly is in the kitchen, be careful, there's a Cockroach somewhere"
Emily meets someone named Joanna and Marco. They were Celly's neighborhoods, The last key was on the kitchen table. You run as fast before the cockroach was coming, you did it! You manage to escape the house with your 3 friends. And ended up meet Officer Joe. Officer Joe doesn't allow you and your other 3 friends to get in the house, so he drives you to his home,
In his home, there are 4 persons in the house, Celly's mom, dad, friend, and sibling. One of them might be the killer, but they are sure that Celly's friend did it. She was acting suspiciously from Emily's opinion and thoughts.

And said to Officer Joe that Celly's friend did it, they saw the camera that was filmed about Celly and her friend. Emily and her friends show that Celly's friend killed her with an ax behind her. Officer Joe arrested her and bring her to jail for 2 years.

Chapter 3 coming soon..
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