MY LITTLE ANGEL(does she miss me)

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Angela watch the even has her dad was assassinated right before her eyes and her mum died while giving birth to her, she is traumatized by the event as she is left to live the rest of her life as an orphan it been 20yrs after the death of both parents when she met a young man who she falls in love with. BUT there is a long mystery and secret about her dad she didn't know and soon found out that the man she love is actually her dad (meaning his ghost or soul lives inside the young man) she is traumatize as she founds out the truth, and eventually land in an automobile accident which leads her to more secrets about her dad and his secret agency which was formed in another world and was know to have many technologies,and helps to give justice to those whose souls are wondering looking for justice READ TO FIND OUT MORE MYSERY AND UNFOLD TRUTH

Horror / Mystery
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"hey calm down you can't keep doing this to ur self for goodness sake,don't let the pass keep hunting u,you did nothing wrong"
"how can u say that I killed my mom and allowed my dad die that day,am just a lunatic as people say and now am even worst than that"
As I say down to remember my past I only felt pain deep within me and I was not ready to past through the same pain I passed 18yrs ago, why would life be so unfair to me could there be worse than I have already passed, living like an orphan through out my life I couldn't feel or enjoyed my child hold days like other growing kids do.

"Linda why didn't I die with my parents, it could have been more better than how I am been treated like a puppet"

"Ange don't say so pls"

"The truth is always bitter as they say"
"come on Ange it not so people may say a lot but that should not be the end of the world"
phone rings
"Ange I need to go it's simon you know him and his over concern, but promise me friend you will get over it"
"sure trust me" I said in a sorrowful manner
"Am leaving"
Immediately I stood up,feeling so bad I walked back home 'did I say home' no I didn't
I said to myself because It was no longer a home to me since 18yrs ago, when my dad was assassinated right in front of me and my mum she died while given birth to me, so what does life mean to me, nothing just listening to people gossips which killes me every day slowly
As I walked across the road lost in my deep thought, I could only hear people shooting,
suddenly I realized it was actually the one they were all shooting out, I was so speechless as I stood like a lunatic I didn't even realize when I started crying like a child
suddenly I took to my heals,
screwt was the next thing I felt I didn't even realize when I feel on the road felling so weak I could only see people surround me saying
"is she dead"
"can some one call the ambulance now"
"get the first aid"
To me I could only see a bright light I was so bright that I couldn't look at it, it was so bright but I could still hear people voices as they murmur to them selves
"we should leave her here"
"don't be rude and wicked" said the other passerby
"pls where is the ambulance"
"it on it way try stop her from bleeding much"
"sure I will try my best but it is flowing too much"
"can you call some one who knows here to come check on her "
"check her phone" I was tired of hearing those talks anymore I look up and I was gone
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