The Pretty Pink Monterey Motel

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I just needed a place to stay for the night, But what i saw definatly gave me a fright..

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Chapter 1

I was coming back from my parents house, it was around 4pm and i hoped to be home around 6. Things went wrong, my car was slowing down and i saw it was getting dark fast. I didnt want to drive alone in the dark, every horror movie ever told me not to, but they also told me to never stay at a motel, it'd be a death sentence. But if im being honest, i'd rather die in a motel then in the middle of a dark scary road. I asked "hey google, show me motels near my location." The pretty pink monterey motel was the first place that showed up, 2 minute drive. Awsome.

From what i saw on google, the place seemed to be obsessed with pink, hence the name. I didnt care how childish the place was, as far i got a place to sleep for the night, im all good.

Pulling up, i saw the place was fairly busy, 3 or 4 people waiting in their cars to be let in. The car park had a few cars and the place seemed ok, nothing sketchy.
After a few seconds, the gates opened and i drove in and parked my car, taking my phone, phone charger and anything i thought would be necessary for the night.

Walking in, i saw a family, mother, father and their 2 sons. Another couple and a fairly good looking guy in the back. The boys were troublesome, touching things and fighting about stuff, yet their parents didnt seem too care much.
"$35 for and adult and $10 for a child, your total is $90. Cash or card?" The girl at the reception seemed dead, eye bags, expression-less and such a monotone voice, yet i couldnt blame her, if i worked in such a place i'd be miserable also.
"$90? Are you sure? This place isnt even that good! I could use that money to feed my kids for at least 3 months." The mother said, she was trying to bargain but the "no f's given face" from the girl showed she would say no. The father paid, got there room key and went.
Once it was my turn, she gave me an unsettling glare. Why? Had i done something wrong?
"Um...any single room would be appreciated-"
"Room 14. Heres you key."
"Thanks..." I walked off and took the stairs, the lights on each floor were flickering like mad.

I opened the door and looked around, pink walls, wooden pink floors, pink sofa, pink tv, pink everything. I went to my room and i saw a lady cleaning the windows.
"Hello. Your staying at room 14 tonight?"
"Yea, i am."
"Good, would you like any dinner? The food here is good."
"Oh yes please."
"Alright, come to the dining room, its just after the reception"
"Thank you-"
She left, almost like she drifted to the door in such a short amount of time. I dont remmber paying to get this room but alright, a free room to sleep in!
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