Project 0011: "Nightfall"

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Kylie Teman
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The First Escape

Nov. 12, 20XX

Mr. Greene,

A female test subject has been found and taken into the lab, she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, get at me as fast as possible. We will begin tests shortly. The results will be sent to you.

Your coworker,

- Smith Wells

It was like any other day, just analyzing data and finalizing the designs on various restraints and containment devices need for the upcoming trials. The lab assistants were checking the computers and machinery. There was nothing that could go wrong. Well, that was until the alarm went off, and made everyone turn their heads.

"Test Subject 0011 has escaped their cell, all units to the main chamber NOW!"

We put on our gear, and got our guns. We ran through the facility checking everywhere. She was found in the dark, flooded cell, with its recent occupant on the floor internally bleeding. Bites and claw marks were examined. Subject 0011 was a struggle to get back in her cell. But unfortunately, during the struggle, Officer Michael died trying to contain her. The facility was now under control again. But not for long.

Jan. 26, 20XX

M.A.R.S Crew,

Well, if there even is any left, return to headquarters, someone has risked their life to capture that... Thing.

Hopefully, there are still survivors left... Not to mention some janitors, this place is stained with blood. We shut the alarm off and it should not escape if someone does not open the chamber door. After all, we are underground... Who would? Thank you and NEVER let that thing out again.


- Commander W.

It escaped again and killed everything in its path... I escaped with my only friends, left one behind to go get help, and found civilization. Though when we came back to our friend, it was too late... He had bled out in the forest alone. This monster was no subject it was now a project due to its major anger outbursts. A few years passed, and then came the day where it started all over again.. Jan. 27, 2089.

Jan 28, 2089

M.A.R.S Crew,

It escaped again. This letter should be printed and found by the police when they get here. The alarm is blaring, It is outside and looking for us. I am in a closet in Hall 5C. If a body is found in there, take all I have got on me. It will be useful, and I would no longer need it.

5:06 PM,

The monster is gone, I think... The survivors are looking around and I just heard one of them, and not in a good way... One just died outside my door. By the blood coming from under it, I suppose there is no use saving him. I might just make it...

9:23 PM



Nov. 15, 2079,

To Mr. Smith

She was shocked to record response to pain and.. Nothing. Not even a single yelp. All she ever did was stare through the glass, through my skin, through my flesh, through my soul. This could be good or bad, mostly bad but still, there is a chance. Okay, update... The subject has broken out of the chair and is banging on the doors. What should we do?

- Scientist Robinson

The test results were in, the subject had something in them called ¨Acidoxypharyn¨ Heh, try saying that 5 times fast. Anyway, that not only gives them invincibility, it causes... Mutation. So far, the mutation has completely DOMINATED the bipolar disorder and has given her- it purple claws that can come out like nails from Wolverine. This occurs on hands, arms, and feet. But the arms have large sharp knives instead of claws. Oh yeah, did I mention that the claws were made out of that Acidoxypharyn? Yeah, harder than obsidian. That thing can cut someone in half with a single swipe!

Nov. 15, 2079,

To Scientist Robinson,

Take precaution and guard the doors. You can not let that escape. It could be a danger to our facility. Take the toughest of our guards and charge them in to contain it. Also, you are getting a promotion soon! Hope for the best.

- Smith Wells

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