Missing Chapter 3 ( what does celly do now? )

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- Chapter 3 now is different pls read it.

Horror / Mystery
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Missing Chapter 3 ( What does Celly do? )

Once your back at your home, the book you saw was Celly's book. What does Celly do? Did she forget to bring it back before she was killed?

Celly's soul is not calming down for 10 minutes, if you touch her memories book,
Celly will instantly kill you with her long nail.
Your mom told you that Celly was not everywhere. But it was 4 pm now, you asked your friends to have a sleepover.

Sadly, they come in 20 minutes. Because your address was Hockey Jug street 120.
Your friends were knocking on a door, you remember that you were indigo, you saw Celly's soul that is calming down now.
The objectives: Try not to avoid Celly's soul, otherwise she is not calming down again.

When it was 8:30 pm, your mom told you and your friends to sleep. And having a nightmare that Celly's soul was trapped in the giant mouth.
Your friends also having those nightmares.
You and your friends thought it was real, to be honest, You and your friends are In a bad dream! Trying to opening the giant mouth that Celly's soul was trapped. Celly is now very thankful for your help.

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