Novlosctus: What makes a mother?

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Children are living happily along with their parents in the island town of Novlosctus. Arthur , July and Edward are three school friends who stick to eachother whatever the situation may be decide to break some rules and search around and what they got could mean terrible for them. They discover secrets which were not meant for them to know about. What will they do now? The home they cherished could turn out to be their worst nightmare.

Horror / Mystery
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It was raining heavily but we didn't care, we had no time to care, for if we were to delay a minute our lives would be doomed. We couldn't help but run through the forest, run till we see the rising sun, run till our lungs collapse.
We could hear footsteps of a few people running….. no! Not few, hundreds of people coming , running, screaming with agony , they are not very far, it was just a matter of time.
"Ben… huh ..uh… I can't run … buddy …. huff ..ff I can't bre… h , breath!!" said Jasper , it was evident that he was at his limit. I didn't respond. I had no words to cheer him up, so I kept on running without looking behind. Beside me was Triff (Triffany), she was about to cry , I could sense it, she knew what's going to happen next, first to Jasper then us!!
Jasper collapsed on the ground, I looked behind for a moment though in vain as the heavy rain had blurred our view and the moonlight was of little help. Though I could figure out a body trying to drag itself up, a body with no strength and fear in its bones, but there's nothing I could do, nothing ! I saw Triff standing for a moment to look at our friend for the last time. I grabbed her by her back collar and pulled her away, she trembled but immediately understood my gesture.
We ran for a few minutes with no time to grieve for our friend whom we left behind. All of a sudden I felt something… it was me … falling down, I couldn't figure out why. I fell on the ground, I understood then, I couldn't feel my legs, it was a cramp. I looked at Triff, she stopped and looked at me with confusion and fear in her eyes. She tried to pick me up but I understood that I couldn't walk so I pushed her away and said " Triff run…. please don't look behind and run ….. don't stop , I am done , I'll hide, you run!!!".
" Ah.. no not… you , please Ben get up" said Triff and tried to pull me up, I refused to get up and pushed her away, " Triff you are wasting both your and my time …. Run you dumb!!!!" I screamed to her, she looked at me moaning, but her survival instincts kicked in and she ran. I saw her fade away in the forest, the rain got lighter, the moonlight made things more clear for me to see, to see my life to visualise the best and worst of what I could accumulate from my memory.

(After a while)

I was sitting under a big tree, I tried to remember its species but my brain wasn't working, I was waiting for the time . The sky got clearer and the moon was perfectly visible. I remembered the time I brought a telescope, mumma brought it for me . Mumma……

Thud thud

Footsteps, I could hear them clearly , I wonder what happened to Jasper and Triff , but I threw that thought away. A moment later I saw someone approaching me, I was barely conscious, I could see , I saw the person in front of me standing and looking down at me it was ……. mumma.
I gave a smile , she grinned back.

This is it. I looked behind her to see the moon, couldn't see it, scared ? Did the moon get by mumma? I wonder.

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