The shadow hand

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Aiden and ryleigh discover a building it looks really strange until they open the door Their mum Tania was really worried when they didn't come back.

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter one

The school had reopened after Alfie the school bully pretended there was a fire by pulling the fire alarm and giving our teacher a heart-attack. So now me and my brother ryleigh are stuck with a substitute great.

Me and ryleigh hate substitute teachers they don't know what we are learning how are we supposed to learn year 8 stuff our substitute was a year 8 teacher we are year 6. So Alfie had to sit in year 4 classroom which is good at least me and ryleigh don't get bullied today.

Well I was wrong ryleigh was in a fight oh no not my 10 year old brother Alfie was 11 I was 11 ryleigh was knocked out down on the floor. Alfie then started chasing after me and I was not stopping he was the fastest in the class he almost got to me when the bell went.

I had to stay out here I couldn't leave ryleigh out here on his own so I had to think of some way Alfie turned away and stared into my eyes I knew I was in for a horrible year at school. Ryleigh had gotten up and was bleeding really bad he said to me what happened that's when I knew he had lost his memory.

I cried what would mom do if she found out I had to get out of school but how was I supposed to do that Alfie had but he had climbed over the gate how am i going to get that far. Ryleigh was an excellent climber but me I wasn't so he claimed over and he let me out of school.

The problem was the school will ring my mum so we had to get home before it was to late we raced home ryliegh forgot the way so it was a lot harder so I told him to follow me but he didn't even know who I was that was when the nightmare began.

Ryleigh ran into the road a car was heading straight at him I screamed for help but nobody heard me I had to run in for him I quickly pushed him on the pavement hitting his head as he told me to watch out I was hit by the car and rolled onto the pavement and soon I was in a coma

Ryleigh got home and dragged me into the living room my mum was really upset and called the ambulance and I was put into a hospital bed barely breathing I could hear everything which was weird I couldn't open my eyes it was like they were glued shut.

My eyes suddenly opened...
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