“The nice people”

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about a boy who always wanted to meet nice people but his village had no nice people in it

Horror / Drama
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Chapter 1

There once was a boy who dreamed of meeting a nice person but there was no nice people is his village.but despite that he still dreamed of meeting a nice person. this boy was 3 and when he turned 10. One night he prayed to god to meet a nice person and he did. But the person was not who he wanted it to be.so one night he prayed to god to meet a nice person but the night he prayed he heard a rustle sound under his bed he looked under his bed but he saw a shadow of a person but the shadow was not his he felt a tap on his shoulder he quickly turned around then he saw “it” he blacked out when he saw “it” he layed there for 4 hours and when he woke up he screamed in fear of he saw.

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