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Right or Wrong? Lie or Truth? Know about the sacred bush. Gather around to dance to the flute. Whether you know the Hollow Truth. High School Student, Agnes Higgins makes an interesting discovery with her best friend, Kerrie Fredrick where they both get stuck at a point unknowingly trying to find the dark history behind a creepy game. Read to know more!

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

May 15, 2006

I was in my bed, sleeping tight. The summer breeze hit me through the windows, making me snarl for more time. I couldn't wake up and after all, it was Sunday.

I smelled delicious pancakes and I knew my mom was making a Royal breakfast for us. That was a pure blessing, though.

I tiptoed towards the side table, picked up my spectacles and went to take a shower. In under ten minutes, I was out of the bathroom with a pure minty breath.

'Hi mom, hi dad!' I greeted my parents as I went forward to pick up my plate.

'Hi Agnes, sit down.' My dad said back.

I smiled, looking at my mother who was sweating with heat. Well, yeah. Making pancakes was a big job especially if they're so perfect.

I was scrolling down my Facebook while enjoying the piquant pancakes.

After breakfast, I texted my best friend, Kerrie about my arrival at her house.

In short about my family background, my mom was a dance class teacher and my dad was an employee at an architecture company so, financially we were stable.

Kerrie and I met each other in middle school. That's when we knew we had to be together.

'Agnes, I'm leaving for work. Do you want me to drop you?' My mom asked before putting on her sunglasses.

'Yeah! Wait, I'll be down in five minutes' Saying this, I rushed back upstairs and came down with a book in my hand, just to show Kerrie's mom that I was coming for Group study

'Don't tell me the book's for Mrs. Fredrick?' My mom laughed and I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

I kissed my dad goodbye and went with my mom. Ahh, the day was hot.

Ting. Tong.

'Hey, Nessy!' Kerrie said as she greeted me.

Now, my name Nessy also held an origin. Kerrie started calling me that when we entered High School, even my parents envied Kerrie for coming up with such a cool nickname for myself.

'Hey, K. You ready for the Group Study?' I said, chuckling

'Oh yeah!' Kerrie said, rolling her eyes.

Kerrie was a very beautiful young girl. She had dark brown hair, all straight from top to bottom, they glistened in the sunlight. Her eyes were chocolate brown and she had fair complexion. She had inherited everything from her father, who still looked young at his age.

'Hi, Mrs. Fredrick!' I greeted Kerrie's mom with a sickly sweet smile.

'Hello' That's all what she said, instead she didn't even look at me and before she could say something else, Kerrie signaled me to come upstairs to her room.

'Why the heck did you even say Hi to her?' Kerrie said.

'Oh come on, she's your mother!' I said back, remembering my mom's mighty face.

'Ahh. Just in words, she's really made for Max, that's for sure'

Max was Kerrie's younger brother. Even though they were just one year apart, it really looked like Mrs. Fredrick was attracted with Max rather than Kerrie. On the other hand, Mr. Fredrick always adored Kerrie, that was a Mom issue only.

'Okay so... What was it that you wanted to talk about?' I asked, sitting on the corner of Kerrie's bed

'Um... Just that, I'm going to my Aunt Cassy for the rest of Summer. I mean, I think I will never ever be able to see you again! Like, seriously' Kerrie said.

I widened my eyes in shock. Kerrie is leaving me?

'Wait wait wait .. what? I thought you wanted to talk about Max and his mischief?' I laughed it out, sarcastically.

'Lol! Don't tell me you fell for my prank!' Kerrie laughed, giving me a heart attack.

'Oh god, I legit thought you were going to leave me' I said.

'Well, you gotta admit, girl, I'm more clever than you!' Kerrie giggled.

'Huh, very funny. I better leave now, you just called me for pranking' I rolled my eyes.

'No no, sorry. Wait. Um.. I wanted to talk about the dress I'm going to wear at Bree's wedding tomorrow!' Kerrie asked.

Bree was Kerrie's favorite cousin. She was getting married and Kerrie threw a tantrum about the whole thing happening so hastily. But, she had to admit the truth.

'So... I have this peachy pink strapless dress and the other one is completely black with red accessories.' Kerrie told me.

'Wow, both of them look magnificent! But I think the peach one looks better relating to what your event is' I said, thinking hard.

'Perfect! Mom said I should wear the white one though. I really don't want to show it to you. It's very bad' Kerrie said, covering her face.

'Fine. It's okay, just wear the peach one with light makeup. I'm sure you'll have fun at Bree's wedding!'

'I wish you could be there too'

I shoved off, and went downstairs with Kerrie. She wanted to show me the brownies she made yesterday and saved some for me.

The moment I kept the brownies in my mouth, my face lit up. They were delicious! Like, seriously. They were extremely delicious.

'Do you like them?' Kerrie asked with puppy dog eyes.

'I love them! They're so yummy!' I said back, licking my fingers.

'I gotta go now, Bye!' I waved back at Kerrie

When I went back home, I saw my Grandparents sitting with my dad, chatting seriously.

My day keeps getting better.
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