The “beautiful” flower

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(THIS STORY IS NOT REAL AND ONLY MADE UP) A girl named Sarah sees a beautiful, pink, flower but little did she knew it meant something bad….

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Chapter 1: Going Outside

Hello! Im Sarah. Just a 17 year old girl who’s crazy sometimes and always respects her grandma. But one Saturday night I got back from my friends house at 4 am and my grandma texted me REALLY late even though she would be asleep by now. “Where are you? Are you okay?” It’s exactly what my grandma would say but why would she be up this late? I texted back and said” I was at my friends house and yes I’m okay. But why are you up this late?” She didn’t text back but I didn’t care and kept walking back to my house, until I saw a beautiful, pink, flower in the middle of a road for some reason and it was next to a garden, there was a man all dressed in black taking care of the flowers in the garden. Well he really wasn’t a man, he was a 8 year old kid who couldn’t find his parents. I picked up the flower then noticed the kid. “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at home?” The man didn’t reply and continued taking care of the flowers. “Answer me! Where are your parents? Are you lost?” The kid finally replied and said” yes. Now leave me alone.” He snatched the pink flower out of my hand and threw it in a forest! I was gonna put the flower on my grandma’s door step for her to get it tomorrow:( “I was gonna give that to my grandma!” The kid took off his hood and had brown hair, blue eyes, and a black mask which said”death” the kid said”I’m guessing you don’t know what that flower means.” “What does it mean? I bet it means good luck.” “ only red means that. You will learn it from google.”
Sayonara” the kid left and went into the forest. I went into the forest and found the pink flower. “Wonder what this means…?”
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