The “beautiful” flower

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Chapter 2: conclusion

I start thinking of crazy theories about the pink flower. But then I just forget about it and put it on my grandma’s door step, Then I see a shadow run as soon as I leave her door step! The shadow was short, and looked exactly liked the kid I saw earlier! Was he spying on me!? I forget that too and arrive at my house, I brush my teeth, then go to bed. 8:30 am, Sunday and my mom wakes me up. “Hey sweetie! I’m gonna visit your grandma but none of the family members want to go… do you want to go? I then get reminded of the pink flower… “uhh… no thanks I’m busy” “oh… you too? You always say yes whenever I ask want to visit grandma! Even when your not done with homework! But I guess I’ll go by myself… also your birthday is tomorrow meet us at the Cake Cafe at 4:00 pm in the party room tomorrow!” She leaves my room then closes my door. I search up about the pink flower on my computer since my iPad’s battery was dead. And google said it meant “if you were to put a pink flower on someone’s door step that person would die the next day. The flower would explode at 1:00 am” that was my result! I started freaking out and started crying. I went to the living room then asked my family to come down. My father, my little sister, came down and told them about yesterday. They didn’t believe me. My mom came back at 8:50 am calling my family down to the living room and screaming and crying. We all went downstairs and she broke the saddest news out. “YOUR GRANDMA IS DEAD!! HER HOUSE WAS ON FIRE AND I DIDNT SEE HER ANYWHERE!I DIDN'T BRING MY PHONE BECAUSE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FUN SEEING HER” We are all in shock, and start crying. I wake up at 4 am “was her house really on fire though…?” I get up and go to her house. Then I see the house still BURNING. I go to the garden and see no other flowers but only pink flowers. Was I in the right garden or no? I then see the kid I saw yesterday and he scared me! He just appeared out of nowhere! “Hi. You KILLED someone with that pink flower. Did you do any research?” “(Sigh) yes. But only today! and yesterday I thought of crazy theories of the pink flower without doing research. I did research and I learned that it meant death but it was too late to save her.” “Hmm… follow me i have a secret base.” I follow him to his secret base and the base is filled with theories of the pink flower and they are pretty good! “Good spelling! Btw are you 8?” “No actually 10 I’m just short”
I’m gonna end it here too long
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