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Chapter 2

But she wanted to be safe so she jumped into an old furniture store that has been closed for what seemed like an eternity. The store was filled with a thick sensation of dust which made Jamy sneeze a couple of times. She decided to look around the store since she would probably be in here for a while until she can get back into contact with her family back in Wyoming,Cheyenne. She cried when she thought of her family. Jamy missed them dearly. On top of that. She was so exhausted from the run she could barely move and just wanted to collapse on one of the old musty couches. She started to feel dizzy and her vision was starting to blur. She felt as if she was going to pass out, then she hit herself in the head many times until she fell into an unconscious state. “Why?” a voice came out and asked,”Why must you try and stop me?” She still heard it,even in an unconscious state she still heard the voices that she had heard her entire life. No treatment could work she was too ILL. Doctors had never seen a case of ILLness like this before. The year was never confirmed in Jamy’s mind. She often talked of voices or events that were not ever happening,and never have happened. This story will take you through some of the experiences she has to go through in her ultimate fight for something she has none of,SANITY.

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