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Chapter 3

The year was 1950 about 6 months ago a group of gangsters started their crime sprees. They started to kill and kidnap young women and loved to tourture them. They would feed off their screams like demonic creatures. They called themselves the Hell Hounds. They took great pride in what they did as well. If you were one of the “lucky ones” you would get to run free,that is if you could run,and they didn’t smash your legs in with mallets,bats,hammers and more. If you talked or screamed to much they would rip out your tongue,if you tried to break free they would cut off your limbs. They would also love to leave little demeted “treats” or “presents” for the cops to find. This means is they would leave human parts all over the crime scene. Let me describe one night,”Officer Jones speaking,what’s the problem boss?” “Jones we have another attack set off by the HellHounds.” “Oh no,I’ll be right away sir.” “Good,see you soon Jones.” “see ya boss.” Jones went to the crime scene,he has seen the HellHounds crimes before they were...words can’t even explain the feeling you get from seeing a crime scene they have left behind. There are usually tourture tools everywhere,human parts all over the walls,ceiling floor.It’s awful.And oh my god the blood,it’s the worst the entire,no shit the entire place is covered in one man’s blood.

Jamy used to work as a journalist and was told if she could get a good story out of this town she could get a grand more added to her next paycheck. Sounded great because this town could get some good stories out of all the old war veterans who used to live in this town. It would be great.

But then of course when she got here,so did the hellhounds start to arrive. She planned to meet up with a veteran, one who was 86 named Sarah and served in the civil war when she was only 21. She had some great stories and was willing to share them.

But a just under a month before the two could meet, one of the hellhounds found Jamy. The hellhounds were breaking into young females’ apartments and kidnapping them in their sleep then they would drug them and take them back to their hideout in a rundown hospital. Within this hospital walls gruesome actions took place such as bodys being melted in acid,young adult females being beaten,tortured and worse.

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