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Chapter 4

When they found Jamy she was drugged like everyone else and then she was taken to the top floor of the hospital she was tied down to a gurney when she awoke. She had three black males surrounding her. The air in the room was cold, the lights were dim and the only sound being made was the heavy wheezing of the hellhounds. They were dressed in ragged clothing and Jamy was only in a hospital gown. Their bone chilling cackle fills the cold room.

“She’s awake boys, come look at this beautiful young one we got here.” They laugh once more.

Jamy looks around trying to get her bearings down so she can know what she has to work with on her escape attempt.

“What should we do first,Hellhounds?” The leader says in a deep scratchy like voice.

“Ohhh I know, we should start with the hammer.”Said one of the two followers in a not as deep but still just as intimidating voice.

So the leader goes back behind a curtain in the back of the room and comes back around with a great big hammer. Jamy gets a glimpse at what this hammer looks like and starts to squirm trying to loosen the ropes that bind her.

¨Oh what’s the matter little girly, a bit scared I see….¨

The leader walks over with the massive hammer standing over Jamy and brings it down with intense force breaking her legs almost immediately. She screams in agony.

¨Boys get a cloth to stick in her mouth we don’t need no piggys comin up here to see us.¨

¨Yes boss..¨

So one of the other men goes to get a dirty rag from behind the curtain. It looks like it has stains of all sorts from dirt to blood. Jamy began to squirm again. As the man shoved the rag down her throat making her gag. The leader smashes the hammer down again making Jamie’s legs flattened. She tries to scream but is stopped by the rag.

¨I’ve gotta get outa this place before they kill me.¨ Jamy thinks to herself.

She looks around once more and sees a scalpel on the table next to her. She thinks for a minute and realizes if she is quick enough she can loosen the ropes enough to grab the scalpel and try to throw it at one of them. So she tries to loosen the rope with her hand. She tugs as hard as she can and her soft skin is getting carpet burned from the rope but she doesn’t care. With one final tug she gets her wrists loose enough to get one hand out. The leader goes back behind the curtain again, his heavy footsteps filling the room with each pound. He emerges from the curtain with a small hunting knife.

¨We´re gonna skin this little girly.¨The leader hands one the knife to one of his goons.

¨ohhh I get to do it, I´m so excited¨The black man cackles as he approaches Jamy. But before he could reach her she moved her hand to the scalpel and threw it at the man,landing it in his right eye.

¨Ohh what the hell!,kill this little bitch. The leader comes over and looks down at Jamy and looks down at her straight into her eyes,his cold blooded red eyes filled with anger. He swung his fist and broke Jamy´s nose before she could even realize it. She was starting to go in and out of consciousness due to the blood loss and the brain trauma she has endured. Between glimpses of her struggling awakeness she sees a group of armed men break in through the boarded up door. It’s hard to tell what they were saying and her vision was blurred. Doesn’t help that the voices keep telling her to kill and oh does she want to but she can’t. She is still tied down. Jamy wants to take every man one by one and pound their head against a wall until it bursts,then feed the goons to the leader and watch him squirm. Jamy smiles as this makes her laugh,for some reason she doesn’t know why she feels this way.The men, they looked as if they were firing their guns at the black men as she took her last glimpse before unconsciousness she saw what she presumed to be the leader fall to the ground.

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