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Chapter 5

Jamy awoke once again hours later,she was really starting to get sick of all this getting knocked out and reawakening in different rooms. But this time she wasn’t surrounded by evil black men ready to do unspeakable things to her, neither was she surrounded by the chilling winds of New York City. Yet she was surrounded by what seemed like medical doctors, was she in a hospital? In fact she had no idea. But wherever she was she was just glad to be away from those horrible men.

“She is awake Dr.Richardson.”

“Ok,I’ll be there in a minute.”

A white man wearing some blue clothing that looked like a medical mask from what Jamy could tell. He approached Jamy and asked the following,

“Hello mam we are the doctors and you seemed to have suffered some trauma to the head,do you mind telling us what you remember” Then another man came up to her other side he was wearing something that looked like a belt with some kind of firearm and some metal looking things. So Jamy told her story while the man with the firearm took notes. She couldn’t remember it all but she told them all she could. Jamy was lucky to be alive and she was extremely lucky that the police have been tracking the hellhounds and were able to save her before things could get serious. All too much did Jamy know she was a “Lucky one”. She just hoped she was finally safe from the whole ordeal and hoped that the Bloodhounds would be put behind bars for their crimes. After the police man took his notes he left and wished Jamy good luck with her recovery. She still had some head trauma and crippled legs even though she wasn’t being held long they did enough to make it where it would take six to eight weeks in the hospital to heal is what the doctors suggest. All she knew is that as soon as she got out of the hospital she would have to find a way to contact her family and go back to Cheyanne in Wyoming. She thought to herself what it would be like to see her mother’s warm soft plump face and his dad’s big bulky, yet loving face as well. She could only wonder what they would say when she told them she was safe after what had gone on. She told them that she would talk to them every day but she hasn’t called them since she was kidnapped. Her doctor walked in to check on her and how her trama was doing. His name was doctor Gregory Hamilton but Jamy just called him Doctor Greg for short. He was tall and handsome and Jamy had a slight crush on him.

“How are you doing Miss Young.” The doctor asked politely.

“I’m doing good Doctor Greg,my legs are still in serious pain though.”

“I will be doing a x-ray on your legs so we can see if you could ever have a chance of walking again.” The doctor does an xray and Jamy awaits for her results,getting more and more nervous by the minute.

“Mam,excuse me Miss Young,I’ve done the xray on your legs and by the looks of it your legs are broken in three different places.”

Jamy gasps,”and ma..Miss Young im glad to tell you that you will get better but it may take over 18 months to heal such an injury.”

“Ok doc but i just have one request..May I call my mom and papa I haven’t talked to them in weeks and i’m sure they are worried.”

“Well of course,what are their phone numbers.”

Jamy gives the doctor her parents phone numbers and she gives them the story. Jamys parents said that they are on their way to the hospital and Jamy promised to call her parents everyday until they get there. She decides that she’ll just watch the news and she sees someone very familiar on the news. “WAIT! That’s my brother.”Jamy exclaimed. Her brother was on the screen and the reporter talked about how this young man named Daniel Williams was kidnapped and thrown into the back of the black man’s trunk and then was taken to one of their hideouts. He was beaten, tortured and maybe even worse,the police are still trying to find out the black man’s name and if he has any connections.

“Mam what are you talking about,you don’t have a brother,man that concussion has really gotten to you hasn’t it?’

“NO!doctor you have to believe me I know this man he was my half brother his father married my mother in..”

“Mam I really think you need to get some rest. I will wake you when your parents get here ok?”

“Common doc you’ve gotta believe me!” Jamy cried hysterically,``I’m not crazy, I’m not really!”

“Ok Miss.Young just get some rest. I’ll tell you when your parents come”

The doctor walked out and started to take notes as he went out. Jamy was left in bed crying about her dead “brother”.

“That is my brother god blessed, someone knows their own brother...but am I still someone?” Whatever I need to get some rest like the doctor said, I’m just tired.”

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