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Chapter 6

Jamy laid down and went to sleep,but then something odd happened...A cold chill filled the room as she drifted away,she awoke in a different place all together,she wasn’t in a hospital anymore…

”Where am I?”Jamy thought to herself.

All she could see was a big open field and trees surrounding her. She saw a ravine in front of her. This place was cold and frigid,damp and wet. The trees surrounding her felt as if they were moving in closer and closer,she looked in front of her to see a blackened shadow about six feet in height and it was holding something in its right hand. She felt as if she couldn’t breathe or move

“Hey little girl looking scared I see,ha ha ha.″A shadowy figure laughed then it started to approach,and as it closer she could tell who it was,Jamy gasped in fright it was a hellhound. And he was running straight for her and was holding a scalpel, she tried to run but it felt as if she was locked in some kind of box. The cold wind creeping up her now nude body. “What the hell!” Jamy screamed. The black man jumped on her with the scalpel in hand,the man had one eye with an eyepatch across. She was powerless. He was crushing her fragile chest with his huge knees. He held the scalpel up and slammed it into Jamy’s right eye. “Take that little bitch.″ Then he gets up and steps on her broken legs. Laughing and cackling like the men in the abandoned hospital.

Then she awakened drenched in a cold terrified sweat. She was still in her bed, the light still shining through the partially opened curtains. When she awoke she hadn’t realized but her parents were sitting on a chair next to her.

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