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Chapter 7

“We have been trying to wake you for the last 10 minutes now Jamy.”Jamy’s mother’s beautiful voice echoed through the room.”

“We were getting so worried about you Jamy.”Jamy’s dad chipped in.”

“Sorry mom sorry dad i don’t know what happened i was going to rest for like half an hour and when i was about to fall asleep an unnaturally cold chill swept over me,and I had a nightmare i saw one of those men again…”

“It’s okay honey, you don’t need to tell us.”

Jamy and her parents bonded some more for about an hour until they had to go. Jamy and her parents had a warm goodbye and Jamy was excited to see her parents again tomorrow. It was now around 12:00pm so the doctor brought in some lunch for Jamy. What Jamy was having for lunch was 2 slices of white bread,1 cup of mashed potatoes and gravy,green beans, and a ⅓ pound chicken.

“This looks delicious, tell the cooks I said thank you please doc,and thank you for delivering this marvouis meal.”

So jamy ate her food and went to sleep for the rest of the day. The next day at 12:00pm Jamy has just finished her food and in came nurse lucy. She was a tall young lady with pretty brunette hair. She was only about 2 years older than Jamy and they have become great friends over the past week in the hospital.

“Hi Jamy how are you?” Lucy asked in her sweet voice.

“I’m doing alright how are you Lucy?”“I’m doing good,are you ready for your shower.”

“Yeah I guess I’m ready.”

So Jamy gets into her wheelchair and is wheeled to the bathtub,she has still not gotten used to getting helped in the showere but it’s getting more natural. So after Jamy is wheeled into the bathroom the door is shut and locked and Jamy strips down. Lucy helps her of course then lowers her into the tub wrapping towels around both casts to make sure they dont get wet.

“Now enjoy your bath Jamy i’ll just be right here if you need me.” Lucy walks out and pulls a chair up beside the bathroom door. She grabs her favorite book as of now “Almost Gone” by Blair Pierce. Lucy waits until she hears a noise coming from the bathroom.

“Are you ok Jamy?” Lucy asked, now somewhat concerned. Jamy didn’t answer.

“Jamy I’m coming in.” Lucy walks in and is immediately hit with a cold sweep of wind that brushes pass. And then she notices that Jamy has her head under the water. Lucy runs over to Jamy and pulls her head out of the water. Jamy gasps for air,her eyes shut and hair soaked.

“Wa wa what happened all i knew wa wa…”

“Jamy, I think this is enough bath time for now,and I have no clue what happened. All I knew is that I heard gurgling noises coming from in here and I rushed in to see you were drowning.”

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