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Chapter 8

Jamy thinks to herself what all these weird things keep happening she is starting to think this place is cursed or haunted or something. Jamy checks the time it’s 12:10pm same time as yesterday,Jamy thinks to herself “I’ve gotta find what the hell is going on.” Jamy just realized something: who is paying for her hospital bills? She calls Lucy.

“What’s the matter Jamy?”

“Do you know who has been paying my hospital bills?”

“No,actually who has? I’ll go see if I can find this info out,just hit the buzzer thing if you need anything ok?”


The other nurse named Gracie comes in to bring Jamy her dinner.

“Today you get to have Celery and potato soup; bread roll, butter; chicken escalope, green beans, cauliflower, chips; fresh fruit salad.”Gracie says in her sweet kind voce. Grace had the most perfect body too; she had nice blonde hair,an hourglass figure and a very kind voice.” When Grace leaves, a cold chill fills the room and she falls down into her pillow. When she awakes she sees a black man come into the room,he is dressed as a doctor. “Hello” the dark man said in his very deep voice. He turned and locked the door. “Um...Why did you lock the door sir?”Jamy asked suspiciously.

“Don’t you worry about what I’m doing…”the man said, growing a demonic looking smile across his face. He walks over to the window and closes the curtains.

“Sir who are you,and what do you want!” Jamy demanded.

“Shut up you dumb...Bitch.”

Jamy froze in place remembering that deep voice and that way he said that name with fury.

“You remember me I see”The black man cackles.

It was the leader,how...what…”I thought you got shot and killed by the ,what looked like officers”

“Nope..he he I never died,you white blondes are so dumb,oh and how them legs doing,he he.” He smiled again.

“So i bet you’re wondering how I got in aren’t you...Bitch.”

“Well lest just say they thought I was your friend that dumb pig out their didn’t notice a thing...Anyway this is enough chit chat im ready to kill your dumbass ok? Ok.”

The black man pulled out a blade that was 12 inches long and had a very sharp tip that would turn anything or anyone into mince meat. He climbed on top of her bed and looked over her; he glided the knife along her legs. Jamy couldn’t move at all, she couldn’t speak, she was trapped and frozen. He continued gliding the knife up her body until she reached the neck. He stopped and paused for a minute before lifting the knife up off of her and walking silently away. Jamy was confused. The man stared at her for a minute while standing at the end of her bed. She wanted to throw him out of that window and watch his body fall and splatter on the ground below. He turned to the window and walked over to it. He dropped the knife and Jamy woke up.When she awoke she felt her bones start to crack,she winced and tried to scream but the pain was too much she couldn’t even make a whisper. She uncontrollably walked up to the window. “How the hell am I walking? My legs are still broken?”Jamy said, very confused and frightened. She walked to the window and opened it. She stuck her head out the window, looked down and walked back. She ran and jumped out of the window. All these thoughts rushed through her mind. She had no idea what to do when she was about to hit the ground...She woke...not in her dreaming...yet not in the hospital...she was floating into the sky watching her body lay there motionless...dead.

This was a story written by Raiden. It was about this woman named Jamy Young who suffered great trama from schizophrenia and ended up in the hospital after beating her head in with a hammer. She was trying to stop the “voices”She was sent to her grandma in NYC. Her grandma was a veteran of the civil war. She was 86 and named Sharah. Sadly she died in 1951 so Jamy locked out those memories and thought she forever lived in 1950. After her grandma died she was sent to a mental hospital yet tried to escape, believing she was being chased by gangsters called hellhound. She somehow found a hammer and got very scared of them. This story was told from the twisted mind of Jamy young. She also feared black men because a fellow patient that was a black male was attempting to kill her. The reason she hated the word bitch so much was because that was her bully’s favorite nickname for her. But after awhile she committed suicide by jumping out of the window in a room she was kept in...but no one knew how she was able to walk.

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