House of the Seven Sirens

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The story is about a group of monstrous creatures that lurk ins the ancient catacombs beneath a newly built spa.

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Chapter 1

The first rays of light stream from the dazzling golden sun at dawn as it gradually rises above the horizon. Its radiant orange glow turns the early morning cloudless sky a mixture of reds and yellows as it graces the magnificent picturesque bay of Greymore with its presence. Its reflection shimmers off the calm, indigo-blue surface of the ocean. Over distant cries from seabirds, come the soothing swishing sounds of gushing gentle waves, steadily washing the shores as it drenches the golden sand.

Along a sheltered coast is a small commune coastal town called Hamlet. Soaring high into the cerulean coherent sky above the bustling town are the verdant, desolate green hills and the ominous grey, craggy, serrated mountaintops of Wrenlock.

House of the Seven Sirens on the corner of Olde Hallows Street near a small crossroad is a newly refurbished luxurious villa that recently was renamed by the new owner, who had not long moved into town from the city.

On the outside, the luxurious Greek-style villa has a variety of exotic flowers around the colonnade garden with two large marble water fountains in the middle. The interior of the entrance hall looks like a Roman Villa with its mosaic floor and its beautiful frescoes of mythical creatures on the walls at the end of the hall is a red varnished desk, behind the desk is a large dusty old bookcase full of unusual looking books. Sitting behind the desk, typing on the laptop is a young woman from Singapore called Erlyn.

Erlyn has long black hair and brown eyes and fair lightly tanned skin. She wears a newly tailored black dress suit made for the job with a pair of black high heels. She crosses one slender leg over the other as she relaxes in the chair. Now and then, she slips her heel in and out of her shoe as she types on the laptop, her brown eyes filled with annoyance with the task at hand, thinking.

’Why do I have to re-write the same report? when it is no different to the other one?'

Looking up from the laptop, she watches as her boss George storms out of the office and slams the door shut behind him with a loud bang that makes her jump.

George is a tall middle-aged man with brown hair and green eyes, he’s wearing an immaculate brown suit and matching tie with a pair of black shoes.

He strides in her direction, wearing a grim expression on his stern-looking face. She could tell from the way his eyebrows furrow together, that something has annoyed him and since she hasn’t finished the report; she expects that he will shout at her.

“Have you finished that report yet?” demands George as he strides towards up to the desk.

“I will have it done by the end of my shift,” replies Erlyn. Looking down at the laptop while she continues typing. “I’m sorry that I haven’t completed it yet.”

“Just make sure it's finished before you go home,” demands George, harshly, looking at his watch to see what time it is, before sneakily looking up at the bookcase behind her. She looks back over her shoulder to see what it is that caught his attention, but all she can see is the old bookcase.

“What are you looking at?” Asks Erlyn as she looks at Mr Edwards.

“Nothing,” replies Mr Edwards, his voice harsh as he storms off into his office and slams the door behind him with a loud bang.

Erlyn turns and looks at the old bookcase and wonders what Mr Edwards was looking at it. Quietly she gets up and walks towards the bookcase and studies the old books suspiciously. She runs her fingers across the worn spines, her brown eyes narrow as she checks each of the titles in turn, that is until she comes across one called Offering to the Cult. She reaches for the book on the top shelf on her tiptoes; taking it from the case and looking at the dusty old cover of a young woman being sacrificed to some hideous looking creatures. Opening the book to the first page. She reads it quietly to herself, and what she finds in the first pages sends goosebumps up her spine. Then as she closes the book, she hears something loud stirring behind the shelf. It sounds like footsteps and seems to get louder as though whatever it is moving closer. She doesn’t know where the sound is coming from, but the noise seems to emanate from behind the bookcase, but that makes no sense, as there is nothing behind it except for the drywall. Backing away from the bookcase, she is certain that the sounds are coming from behind the bookcase. Talking herself down quietly and convincing herself that it is nothing to worry about, she returns to her desk to finish the report for her boss.

Erlyn quietly sits back down and resumes typing. Her immaculate manicured purple nails clicking on the keyboard despite the sounds in the background. It makes her feel uneasy, her hands shake uncontrollably while she is typing. Suddenly, she feels something warm on the back of her neck and immediately; she stops typing. Her fingers froze, and her body stiff with terror. Paralysed with fear she is frozen to the chair, her heart thumping loudly in her chest. Gasping in horror, eyes wide with terror, she feels the presence of someone standing behind her and as she opens her mouth to scream for help, someone quickly grabs hold of her and puts a dark grey hand over her mouth. Its sharp black nails dig into her skin. So that she cannot scream for help as the attacker drags her off the chair that hits the floor with a loud bang! It slowly drags her away, kicking frantically. Her high heel falls from her feet and hit the floor with a loud thump as she’s been hauled away towards the bookcase where a hidden doorway has opened into the darkness. Her milky tanned feet arch as the heels of her feet digs into the floorboards making a loud screeching sound. The lines running across her soles deepen and her toes curl as they drag across the floor. She disappears into the eerie darkness where her fate awaits her. The secret doorway slams shut behind them with a loud bang! As the door shuts behind them, two.

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