Death Wish

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Jesper Fieldings trys to regain his job as a wish granter while trying to survive in the human world. Wes Delray struggles with the family business, and can't begin to imagine the rollercoaster his life is about to become.

Horror / Romance
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I didn't ask for this. All I wanted was to do my job. The truth is, everything was fine until the fifth wish. That was when I became a murderer. When the person I watch over was overcome with sadness and rage. My name is Jesper Fieldings, and this is not gonna be fun.
Let me start by telling you about my charge. Their name is Wes, and for the last twenty three years it has been my job to make their wishes come true. Considering how many wishes most people get it kinda odd for me to only have gotten five. In a span of twenty three years most people have gotten at least twenty three. One for each year, as a birthday wish.
But not me. People who used to be my friend shun me. All because of the wishes I've had to grant. I don't know much about Wes. Other than they're twenty three, have cerulean blue eyes, and some of the most morbid wishes anyone has ever seen.
The first I granted was for their parents to be happy. They were a poor family, in a house that was falling apart. So I gave them good jobs that paid well and had good retirement and rewards. I also gave them a better house, and a good car. It was something most people granted at some point in their life as a wish greater.
They wanted good grades, so they got them. They were in the top of the class after that.
They wanted friends, and they wanted to be good with sports of all different kinds.
These were the wishes that were normal. Everything was fine in these four wishes. There was nothing out of the ordinary other than that they had been years apart. And I waited another three years for the next wish. The wish that made everything go wrong.
It wasn't until I fell that I found out what went wrong. I'm ashamed that I didn't pay attention unless there was a wish. But I can't go back and change what happened to them. Even a wish can't circumvent death.

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