Villa Of Hills

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Madison is basically an 18-year-old Russian brunette who spent her life in an orphanage but one day her 22-year-old aunt took her to live with her. But life takes unexpected turns! Madison Hills summon the Mexican Demon unintentionally which she thought was a dream! Will Maddie survive brain cancer? Or she and Aunt Alizia will be perished by the possession done by Mr Mike? Keep up to this cliffhanger tale in Episodes to know the truth!

Horror / Fantasy
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Episode 1

Episode One

" Maddie, Maddie? " Lady Miranda Yelled.

" I am right here, lady," I replied.

Yes, I am Madison Hills, an orphan living in an orphanage. My life is a lonely mess.
Well, so years ago my parents died in an incident and the only person I have left is my paternal aunt Alizia.
Lady Miranda is one of the workers here, she is strict but really good. Tonight my aunt is coming to pick me up and it's the best day ever because I will be living with auntie in her new VILLA.

Tonight after dinner, one of the workers came into my room and said, " Maddie, your aunt Alizia Hills has come to pick you up, please come down. "

I went down, sat in the car. Aunt Alizia was silent until she drove to the train station, " So how are you ? " she looked
at me and asked.

" I am fine. " I replied

" Hmm, so my new home is out of town and that's why we will have to take a train and leave. " She declared.

She booked our tickets and we were sitting in the old seats of the train. I looked out of the window, it was dark and raining like the night my family died. " Auntie, why life is so tough? "
She noticed the disappointment on my face,

" I don't know my dear. " Auntie answered back.

Seven hours later ...
We reached this town named Somco which was a crowded, green and busy town. It was dawn and people had already started to go for their work.
We took a taxi to this someplace named District 12 '. It was quiet but scary and became scarier when we went to our home.
There were frames of some people I didn't know. My aunt said that this house was owned by a very rich old man but somehow he DISAPPEARED then a salesman monopolized and sold it to my auntie.

Today I woke up this morning and went down, I heard .....

To Be Continued -
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