The window slasher chapter 1

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68 years after Wendys death 3 boys find there selves running away from in evil entity that they found staring at them in a window

Horror / Thriller
Fernando M
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The window slasher

*tick* *tick*1953,Wendy was reading a book then turned on the tv,as soon as she turned it on,at a loud volume it said “people have reported seeing a man in there window,then the next day they were found dead so please keep you window closed and locked for the night until the police catch this criminal.”Wendy turned pale as she realized she didn’t close the window.From down stairs she heard something come in the window,she locked the doors and called 911 “hello this 911 what’s your emergency.” “Help the window slasher is in my house.”Wendy lived alone. “Ok we need your location.”the dispatcher said “ok.” Wendy said “27th street.” “Ok we are sending cops to 27th street.”said the dispatcher. “Hello?” “Mam?” Just then the police went in the house they found Wendy hanging on a wall dead,her brown hair was stained with blood her green eyes wide open.Behind her was a house with an x on it,they saw it was drawn with her blood.
2021,Sean said “wait for me.” “Ok well hurry up!” said Wyatt “I’m going to go see if Trenton can come outside.” Wyatt said “ok.” Sean replied.Wyatt went to Trenton’s house then he knocked on the door,he could here yelling and Trenton crying.His parents opened the door in a polite voice the asked what brings”you here?”.”uh-“ Wyatt stuttered because he knew Trenton’s parents were abusive.”C c c can Trenton come outside?”Wyatt asked “Yes he can.”the mom replied “Trenton!” The dad called “your friend asked if you wanted to play outside.”Trentons dad said “Yeah.”He replied “ok.”He said “Bye mom Bye dad he said.”Sean finally came outside”What did I miss?”He asked “N n n not to much.” Trenton said Wyatt asked you guys wanna got to our base?” Both Trenton and Sean said yes.They went to there base it was a abandoned house that nobody payed attention to.Sean picked up a new paper the headline read “Window slasher on the loose.” Sean gasped as he finally figured out why there has been many deaths in his neighborhood.”Guys!” Sean exclaimed “I found out who has been responsible for all the deaths in this neighborhood!” Trenton read the newspaper then Wyatt said “did you know in this very house a 17 year old named Wendy died in this house from this killer.”Sean checked his watch “oh it’s time to go home.”he said Trenton sighed Sean and Wyatt knew why Trenton sighed.While walking out the house Sean saw a man in the window he had curly hair that went to his neck a big smile and a brown tuxedo waving good bye at them Sean fell backwards looking at the window his friends looked at him as if he was crazy.”NO but I saw it I swe-never mind.”he knew his friends wouldn’t believe him he went back home with his brother,Wyatt he went in the bathroom and when he was done using it he looked in the mirror and saw the man again he screamed as if he was getting killed his parents barged in and his brother came in too “what happened?” They all asked Sean started stuttering “never mind.” He said then he went to bed. He opened the closet and there he was again “it’s just my imagination it’s just my imagination it’s just my imagination.” “hey it is”he was gone he turned around the man was there then the man started chasing him he ran down the stairs he the dad thought Sean was a robber so he shot which woke Wyatt up,but when Wyatt went downstairs he saw Sean on the floor with a bullet in his head the dad immediately called 911 “911 what’s your eme-“ “I need a ambulance on 27th street quickly!” The ambulance came the dad explained what had happened the dad then told them about when Sean screamed in the bathroom Wyatt looked at his house and saw the man he screamed “THE WINDOW SLASHER!”the paramedics called the police then the police barged in and found nothing.The next day Sean was at the hospital and at school Wyatt saw the man on the whiteboard and screamed so did Trenton they both screamed until they saw a stickman like figure that was lookin at them they stopped and looked at it they were suspended for screaming for no reason.Both the boys went to see Sean in the hospital they told them that they saw the man “you see I told you.” Sean said “but now what.” Said Sean Wyatt said “research,that’s what.” “Ok.” Trenton replied Sean nodded his head.Just then blood came from the walls and it said at the greenhouse,they knew who wrote it.At the library they got history books of there town they skimmed through the book till they saw a line that said “window slasher not a human.” A chill went down there spine as they realized that the window slasher went back along time ago.They finished researching but what they couldn’t figure out us how the window slasher is still alive.They went to the greenhouse but it wasn’t any greenhouse it was a big one,they had to go without Sean when they went in they didn’t see the man.The boys saw a monster a entity something they have never seen before,it was the man except his arms were now long and his legs were to his hands were now sharp,sharp enough to cut through the earth,his head could turn in all ways he can even break his own neck and still live,he was in a crab walk like pose.Wyatt charged at him and the man hit Wyatt away from him.Wyatt got sent flying till he hit the wall of the greenhouse.Trenton pulled out his dad’s shotgun and aimed it at the mans head he looked into the mans eyes then out of no where the man turned into Sean.”SHOOT!”Wyatt yelled but all he saw was Trenton going closer to the man “wha-.” “Are you insane!” Wyatt yelled,he got closer to the man until the man stabbed him with his hand. “TRENTON!”Just then Sean came in and grabbed the shotgun he aimed it at the mans head “DONT LOOK AT ITS EYES!” Wyatt hollered.Sean shot then Sean passed out.It looked like the man took a lot of damage as he was screaming.Just then Wyatt got up and went to go get Trenton,he picked Trenton up then picked Sean up and ran out the greenhouse.He put both them down then grabbed a lighter and lit the greenhouse on fire out of all the things that caught the neighborhoods attention,the neighborhood greenhouse burnt down.Before anyone can say anything Wyatt took both the boys to the hospital there family came and asked what was going on Wyatt said “They got hurt in the greenhouse.”They were in the hospital.Wyatts parents brought him home he went to his room to watch tv then a ringing noise happened it wouldn’t stop when he turned off the tv it was still going on,sure Wyatt was strong and attractive but his weakness was ringing noises he doesn’t like ringing noises,he doesn’t like them so much that if one were to go on for so long he would kill his self literally.He went to go open the door but it was somehow locked and he couldn’t unlock not even from the inside a knife slipped under the door and on the knife it said do it,he knew what it meant he turned around to see a shadowy figure with only eyes on a chair the noise went on.*PLUNGE* he screamed in pain the shadow figure laughed as he died.His mom came to see what was happening and her eyes widened open as she saw her son on the wall his orange hair had some blood on it his blue eyes wide open. She screamed and called 911,when they went to go look for evidence to see if it was suicide or a murder they found the knife and tracked the fingerprints it was Wyatts fingerprints no one else had touched it.Just then Sean called Wyatts phone the cops picked up and told Sean the news about Wyatt all they could hear was Sean crying.A couple of days later Sean was finally able to go home,so was Trenton,Trenton had already knew about Wyatts suicide.Sean and Trenton went to there base and went inside then they had a good idea,they knew that the ringing noise wasn’t a coincidence so something had to keep playing it.Then Trenton said “what about the man.” Just then Trentons parents called him he picked up “hello.” Trenton answered Sean heard dead bodies in the basement and the cops being there Trenton said “ok I’ll be there.” Trenton looked at Sean and Sean just nodded Trenton knew that it meant that Sean would be fine with him leaving.Sean rode his bike home.When Trenton got there cops where in the house and his parents were dead he hid and ran to Sean’s house and knocked on the door and asked if he could go inside to talk to Sean.Sean’s parents looked at him weirdly and let him in once they let him in he went to go talk to Sean then they both went to the basement when they were in the basement Trenton locked it then he found an axe and picked it up Sean saw him and said “w-w-what are you doing with that axe.”Sean was frightened.Trenton replied “delusional.”Sean then looked confused.”If you think about it we’re all crazy or delusional you just need something to activate it like an example being abused by your own parents.”Sean’s parents heard the whole conversation and tried opening it with the key but it was gone so they tried breaking down the door Sean tried to run up the stairs and unlock the door but it was too late he had an axe in his head and drew a house with a x on it then the parents saw a axe through the door Trenton was axing down the door when he did the mom had already called 911 Trentons skin started to fall of revealing burnt,cut bloody and bruises.Just then the cops tased him and took him to jail.At Wendys house,Wendy’s parents were still alive and in there 80’s they got the newspaper and the headline was “Window slasher caught after so many years of killing.”
In the newspaper it mentioned 20 year old Trenton currently held in jail is the window slasher and is responsible for the murder of 10 year old Sean.In court,”Where’s the evidence about me killing Wyatt!” Trenton yelled.A man with blonde hair stood up he was at least 6’2 which is the same height as Trenton played a tape it showed Trenton sneaking in Wyatt’s house and with a all black suit that looked like a shadowy figure then it was the moment of the incident and Trenton had a cassette playing a ringing noise and switched the door so the locking part was outside and a string with a knife.After the tape Trenton was to be executed on the electric chair “21YEARS I WILL GET YOU!” The blonde guy said “we’ll see.”and they turned on the electric chair and the window slasher was finally dead.
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