Never Look Under The Bed

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A Boy called, Tim grows a bore and looks under his bed to find something not so boring but definitely not exciting. (Episodic)

Horror / Thriller
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The beginning of the end

There was once a young boy, aged around 10 years old, called Tim. He and his Mum were from a Nigerian family. They lived in London Peckham. Tim’s Mother was called Tiffany. Her Husband (Tim’s Father) died of lung cancer a couple years back meaning Tiffany had a hard time finding Men, and when she did, Tim couldn’t stand it.

One night they were eating dinner. “It’s time to go to bed now so put your pyjamas on,” Tiffany said. “I’m not even tired,” Tim replied.
“Well if you want me to shout at you when you wake up late, that’s fine. But I suggest you go to bed,” Answered Tiff.
“Fine, Night,” Tim answered with a touch of frustration.

Tim lied on his bed. He knew he wasn’t really going to go to sleep straight away so he decided that he was going to get his iPad out from underneath his bed. He looked underneath. What he didn’t know was what he was about to see would change his life. It was a man with clown makeup on with Tim’s iPad smashed a battered as if he had dropped it off the Eiffel Tower x10. Tim didn’t know what he was seeing. He sat back up and then took another look. Except this time the man had a knife in his hand as he was smiling. Tim was Mortified. He felt like he was frozen. He hide underneath his duvet as if that was going to do anything. He took one peek and all he could see was the man’s clown face.

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