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Be More Careful

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Be More Careful

Horror / Romance
Damian Peters
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Be More Careful

After 3 months of back and forth texting, Montrell would finally get to meet Tiara. He had so many questions spinning in his head.

“What if I get catfished?”
“Will she catch my vibe?”
“Is she freaky?”
“What if she thinks I’m lame?”

Whatever it was, it tormented Montrell, paralyzed him at the door to his 2020 Mustang GT. His hands shook as he unlocked his car, sweat beading on his athletic back beneath his black t-shirt. His jeans which fit fine a few moments ago now felt too tight. Were his Jordan 4’s fly enough? His lips were dry as he hurriedly applied chapstick while sliding into the driver’s seat. Panicking, he worried if his car was too dirty, if it didn’t smell as clean as it looked. He breathed in a mouthful of fresh strawberry scent, the sweet smell calming him slightly. He started the car, then off he went to Huckleberry Park.

Tiara came to the park early. She was seated at their meeting spot, a table covered with pine needles. She hated pine needles, clutter in general. She spent most of the time on her phone, only ever looking up at a squirrel in a nearby tree that kept dropping pieces of seeds onto the table. She was everything that Montrell had imagined, at least physically. Light brown eyes, soft facial features, cute flat nose, dark smooth skin, curly short hair, nails done, feet done, thick body and a charming aura.

Montrell pulled into the parking lot, a bump in the asphalt was just a tad too big and scraped the bottom of his car. He instantly cringed as he could feel the scrape, it felt personal. He slowly got out of his car, bent under, then assessed the damage. It was fine of course, but he did this for several minutes.

Tiara observed Montrell from afar. Seeing his car, she was excited. Seeing him on the floor worried about the damage it had taken? Priceless. He was as she had thought. Hopelessly caught up in the minor things, always entrapped by the bigger picture. She took the opportunity to catch his attention.

“Hey! Trell! Over here.” She yelled as she waved her right hand.

Montrell quickly got up from the ground, dusted himself off, then waved back. He locked his vehicle then slowly made his way towards Tiara. It was only 30 feet, but it felt like forever. Every step he made was closer to destiny, or disaster. Would he trip, fall, and she’d think he was a goofy? Fortunately, the journey was uneventful and he sat down across from her, his heart light with excitement. She was staring at him, her eyes boring into his skull. After five seconds it began to get awkward.

“So, um, we going to stare at each other or?” Tiara said, scrunching her face up.

Montrell moved his bushy eyebrows up.

“Oh, uh, sorry. I just-”

Tiara finished for him.

“Yea I know, it’s weird finally meeting in person after talking for so long. So let’s do this, take a deep breath and close your eyes.”

Montrell did as he was told, then suddenly felt something warm on his lips, he leaned in and kissed, the sweet embrace of honey, sugar, and something slightly bitter lit up his tongue and filled his mouth.

Tiara had shoved a honeybun that had been baking in the heat into his face. Mistaking it for her lips he recoiled, wiping sugar off. Tiara laughed hysterically.

“Why would you do that?” Montrell said as he spit pieces of the bun out.

Tiara shrugged her shoulders.

“Relax, it was just a joke. So, what do you think? Am I everything you thought I was?”

Montrell nodded his head.

“Yea, definitely, yea.” He said as he scanned her body.

Tiara giggled.

“Hey, I’m gonna hit the bathroom real quick, stay right here.”

Montrell nodded again, in a trance.

“Yea fasho, I got you.”

As Tiara got up, Montrell watched as her large thighs caressed each other and her booty jumped with every step. She ate up the tight white shorts she wore, making Montrell’s blood pressure skyrocket. When she had reached around halfway to the bathroom, he noticed that she had dropped her phone. He picked it up, it was still unlocked. He went to see if she was within earshot, but instead decided he’d just wait. Placing the phone on the table, he glanced at a few messages, they were notes to herself. Curious, he leaned in. What he saw puzzled him.

The messages read:

Number 1: Placed it under the bridge near Cardendale. Had to wrap it up quickly, definitely was fulfilled for a few months.

Number 2: Had to use double the dose. This time, fell face first. Don’t like it when they get busted up. Boring, no thrill.

Number 3: Soooooo ugly! Metal bat worked. It sufficed, however, have to look at more attractive targets.

The messages were horrifying. Tiara was not who she seemed to be. Eager to figure out more, Montrell looked from the bathroom then back to the phone and started scrolling down all the way to the bottom.

Number 62: Fell in love with me over this dating app, cute, but not too cute. Likes to be called Honeybun, will enjoy this one.

Montrell grabbed her phone and ran towards his car. Panicking, he noticed that his vision was starting to get blurry, his legs felt like lead, and his chest sunk like every breath was closer to relaxation. He tried to dial 911, but instead fell in the grass, 15 feet from his car. Fumbling with his phone he clicked emergency, the phone rang for a bit then the voice of an operator sounded. Relieved, he went to speak but nothing would come out. Instead, he heard footsteps behind him.

Leaning down by the phone, Tiara said in her sweetest voice, “Ma’am I am so sorry, I accidentally called on the emergency line, sorry!” She said as she grinned down at Montrell.

“No problem, please be more careful.” the operator said.

Montrell’s last moments would be of him being stuffed in his trunk, and of Tiara’s beautiful face. She leaned in close and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“See you soon, Honeybun.”

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