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The Wilson's

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When you and your friends decide to do it whatever happens, will you make it out of the creepy haunted house safe? Or will this be just the beginning of their end?

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1


The rusty gate took some time to get opened, without wasting a second we sneaked in before anyone spotted us there, very late at night.

"Eww, you guys could have found somewhere far better than this," Cecile said crossing her arms in front of her.

"Come on babe, this is going to be great, a little adventure." pulling her closer for a hug, Jin said.

"Ah...me have never been a fan of creepy haunted houses. Dada always warned not to be around here much." Jille was shaking behind me.

"You shouldn't have told us about a place like this then," I said teasing her and pulling her to move ahead of me.

Cassey, Judy, and Sam were already moving ahead of us faster towards the front door. Sam slowly turned around to see us catching up with them, "You all sure about this right? Any second thoughts? Cause we are anyway going in and if any of you are unsure about this, the gate is wide open" he said pointing the gate, "Ah..ok...partly open, I mean you can walk away right now...." Before Sam got a chance to finish what he was saying, we were not so surprised to see Jille turning around and running out of the gate. I insisted on going back to call her, but the others thought it would be best to let her leave if she doesn't want to come in, we didn't want her to faint somewhere just due to some lame stories she heard.

With a heavy sigh, Judy asked "Now who all really want to come in? and how many would like to stay out and, walk around the house maybe?"

Cassey gave me a questioning look and I nodded agreeing, "Cassey and I will go check out the garden and back yard." Cassey came jogging near me. "So you love birds going to go with Ouja board plan or staying out with us?" I looked at Jin.

Shooting his best smile he replied, "None of those on my darlings birthday." giving Cecile a quick kiss on the forehead he continued "Might be some lone time? A bedroom? What do you think Cecile?"

"Dusty, but fine with you," she replied, lost in the eyes of each other for a while.

"Ahem....aa...so let's get going then" I motioned for Sam to open the door while Judy carried the Ouija board inside, then rushed Cassey to take a look at the garden.

"Man, I'm scared but just wanted to pretend I'm cool enough to be with you guys. Please don't tell this to anyone, I thought you do understand better than the others. I didn't want to be a scary cat like Jille but I'm freaking inside." Cassey was hoping for me to calm her down but I couldn't control how bad I wanted to laugh aloud at her. She narrowed her eyes at me, "You sound like a ghost when laughing."

"Umm....sorry but there is no such thing as a ghost. See this is all fake to scare people away." I looked at her,

"But people have seen things?"

"What things? Cassey, there might be some illegal side business going on here, if you scare people away with ghost stories nobody is gonna report seeing anything here thinking of it as a ghost. You see this...."

"Hold right there, my dad has seen."

I giggled, she turned away and rushed forwards so fast making me almost run to catch up with her "You know you can leave whenever you wish, I won't judge you for that. I'm not a person who judges any....."

"You are, and it's time you realize that. You judge people so much. You a.... you...I never expected you to laugh. I..." her voice caught her throat, tears started to roll down her cheeks. I didn't understand what I said offended her so much that she cried.

"Sorry? I didn't say anything like such for you to cry. Cassey, what's wrong? You don't look like the same person I met a few months ago when we became friends."

"Ya and I took you to be smart at least to understand that I... forget it, you are a fool." she started to walk angrily to the backyard

"I don't understand you. Um...if you are scared I think we must stick together Cassey. YOU ARE A WONDERFUL FRIEND. SORRY, I DIDN'T MEAN......whatever you think is mean to say." But she didn't stop nor turn back to look at me.

I don't know what got into her, she was never so difficult to understand before and when we are with others, but for a few days now she is acting weird when she is alone with me. Something was going on with her.

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